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Choose a good cat food

good cat food
You bought a cat.Excellent, great, congratulations on your purchase! But did you think about what to feed it? Of course, the best food for cats is natural food. But this option is not suitable for everyone, for example, because of the dislike for vanity at the stove or because of an elementary lack of time. So you have to buy industrial or, in other words, store fodder. But, even when you come to the smallest kiosk, you meet entire shelves, on which a multicolored cans, bundles and boxes stand in a close row. The question arises: how to choose the right food for cats? Today I will try to answer it.

Cat food: classification

Store fodder can be in the form of canned food and dry. Now we will study the latter. However, they, and canned food, are divided into four classes. Let's consider in detail each of them.

Economy class

This is the most advertised and cheap feed, howevertheir quality and composition often do not correspond to the flattering reviews of happy co-owners, whom we see for hours on TV during commercial breaks. It's only on the packaging written something like: "The composition - natural meat (chicken, rabbit, etc.), fresh vegetables, salt and water." And below the big letters it is deduced: "Does not contain dyes and preservatives". But in fact there are only the latter, and no natural meat and vegetables and there is no trace. And they contain a huge dose of "cat's mint" - valerian. And because of her to wean the cat from the use of such feeds is very problematic. They are also not balanced, do not take into account the diet of the python, its breed and physical condition.

Premium class

These feeds are rarely advertised, their costmore or less acceptable. Contain meat, but there are also offal. Dyes and preservatives in such feeds are much smaller, but they do exist. They are divided by destination - for example, for domesticated cats, for sterilized representatives of the Cat family, etc. However, these feeds lack the necessary vitamins and minerals and, again, does not take into account the breed of the cat.

Super-premium class

Such feeds are almost not advertised, in themthere are no dyes, flavors and preservatives. The composition of these feeds includes meat and cereals. Accordingly, they have a high price. The types of these feeds are distributed according to the breeds, sizes and physiological states of cats. Vegetable proteins in super-premium feeds have a much lower concentration. The latter are also balanced and contain all the necessary cats vitamins.

Holistic class

Their price is simply cosmic, but, believe me, thesethe food is worth it. They do not contain any dye, preservative or flavor. Ingredients of animal origin for these feeds are grown without hormones and antibiotics, and vegetable - without chemicals and pesticides. In general, their composition is as close as possible to the natural diet of cats. Such feeds have all the minerals and vitamins necessary for the animal and are distributed according to the breeds, size and physical condition of cats.

Dry food for premium cats

dry premium cat food
As you already understood, there are no economical feedsbetter, they are all, to put it mildly, terrible. So let's start right away with premium feeds. If there is no mountain of money for keeping a cat, but you do not want to poison your pet with poor-quality food, then they are designed specifically for your cat. The most common premium feed is Royal Canin produced in Russia. You can find it only in supermarkets, in packs with this logo (photo above). And when choosing carefully read the inscriptions on them, tk. there are many varieties of these foods. Their general description is given above.

Dry food for cats of super-premium class

dry cat food super premium
If near your house is a largepet shop, and you want to provide your cat with a healthy diet, then the most suitable food - super-premium. The most famous is the ProPlan brand food, the packs with which they have such a logo (photo above). I myself often buy it for my cat, the impression is just a wonderful food, the score is five with a plus. The description is as above.

Dry food for cats holistic-class

dry food for cats holistic class
If you are absolutely not constrained in the means andwant your pet to eat food that is as close to natural food as possible, then the holistic is exactly what you need. However, in the stores there is no food of this class, for this you need to call the manufacturer and make an order for the house. By the way, it is suitable even for human consumption. The most popular of these feeds is Innova (photo above). Judging by the responses of the owners who buy it, it is of high quality, fully balanced. Holistic is the best food for cats.


That's all classes of feed. The choice is yours.However, the feeds described above are not the only ones in its class, there are many other similar ones. And remember: cats are gourmets. They may not like one, but come to taste the other food. In any case, watch the pantomime: what she uses willingly, and there is good food for cats, at least for her.