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Day of the Baltic Fleet - the holiday of the oldest fleet of the country

Every year on May 18, Russians celebrate the Day of the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Navy.

day of the Baltic fleet

It was first celebrated in 1996., the next year after its official approval by order of the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy. Why did this date become significant for those who served and serves, why on May 18 they accept congratulations on the day of the Baltic Fleet?

Birthday of the Russian Navy

The prehistory of this holiday is as follows. Several centuries ago, it was on May 18, 1703, that the servicemen of the flotilla, commanded by Peter the Great himself, defeated the Swedes in an unequal battle. 30 boats of the Preobrazhensky and Semyonovsky regiments literally cut off all indentations to the Swedish ships "Astrild" and "Gedan", blocking them at the mouth of the Neva River.

This landmark battle entered the historicalchronicles as the first victory of Russia not in the land, but in naval combat. And on the day of the birth of the Russian Navy, May 18 was rightfully appointed. Day of the Baltic Fleet of Russia - so it is called now. All the participants in that battle were awarded special prizes from the sovereign for the manifested unprecedented courage, carried out according to his idea and design. On these medals the inscription "Unforgettable happens".

May 18 the day of the Baltic Fleet

Military victories of the Baltic Fleet

Merit of the Baltic Fleet to its Fatherlandnot count. It is thanks to the flotilla that our country has managed to plunge the Swedes more than once in the battles of 1700-1721 relating to the period of the Northern War. It was the Baltic people who later defended themselves in sea battles with the Swedes of the city of Kronstadt and Gangut, did not give up the enemy Sveaborg and St. Petersburg. These exploits of the Baltic Fleet date from 1853-1856, the period when the Swedes tried to completely oust Russia from the Baltic coast.

congratulations on the day of the Baltic Fleet

Invaluable assistance to the USSR in the fight against Nazism, toohad a heroic Baltic. They participated in the defense of the city-hero of Leningrad, in every way contributed to the land and air forces of the USSR in the battles for the Baltic territories, the lands of East Prussia. More than 1,200 enemy ships were destroyed by the Baltic Fleet during the Great Patriotic War, several thousand enemy aircraft were shot down by naval aviation. The sailors also participated in land battles with the German fascist invaders.

the day of the Baltic Fleet vmf

But not only became famous for their military actionsthe Baltic. May 18 - Day of the Baltic Fleet is also a holiday of those who glorified our country with various geographical finds. 432 objects on the world map bear the names of their discoverers, the Baltic. They were the first of the Russians who decided to travel around the world and just long voyages.

In the ranks of the heroes of the Baltic, such names as Admiral Nakhimov, Admiral Ushakov, great travelers Bering and Bellingshausen, outstanding scientists Popov, Jacobi and others are widely known.

Honorary mission - to serve in the ranks of the Baltic Fleet

What is this famous fleetToday? The Baltic Fleet is an orderly and balanced grouping of troops and forces that has both surface naval vessels and submarines, and also includes naval aviation. On a special account - the troops of the coastline and the base of material and technical equipment. All these units continuously, 24 hours a day, are in a state of high combat readiness all the year round and are capable at any time to repulse the most powerful blow of the enemy. For this purpose, the Baltic Fleet has everything: specially trained servicemen, powerful modern marine equipment, experienced unit commanders.

It is no accident that in Russia such great attention is paidis given to the training and support of the Baltic Fleet. At one time, this child of Peter the Great helped Russia to gain the status of a strong maritime power. All subsequent rulers of our country continued the good beginning of Peter the Great. Thanks to joint efforts, the Baltic Fleet is still considered one of the main resources in security issues in the north-west of the Russian Federation.

Holiday of modern Russia

the day of the Baltic Fleet of Russia

On this day, traditionally festiveevents on all ships that belong to the Baltic Fleet. Early in the morning, the flags of the Navy are raised there. Then, usually by noon, a parade of naval ships is arranged, where the entire high command of the fleet is present. Traditionally, the review is held in St. Petersburg.

Those vessels that do not participate in the parade of warships accept congratulations from their top leadership on solemn construction.

How to congratulate the one who served in the ranks of the Baltic Fleet?

A great gift on the Baltic Fleet Day forthose who passed an urgent or contract service, can become any souvenir products with the appropriate symbolism. You can give a keychain with a flag of the fleet, a handle, a flask for strong drinks. Such gifts as objects of everyday life and use with color printing are gaining popularity. Print an army photo of the person you want to congratulate on a beautiful coffee mug, on a T-shirt, a decorative cushion. Or, on these objects, depict something related to service in the ranks of the navy, it may be a warship, paraphernalia or simply a beautiful inscription "I Serve the Fatherland".

Everyone loves to receive gifts without exception. And the gift may not be some specific thing, but just an unexpected congratulation on the Baltic Fleet Day with warm and kind wishes.

Several options for an unusual congratulation:

1. Letter or postcard

In the age of information technology, people alreadyhave lost the habit of traditional letters and postcards. But it's so nice to get a real letter or postcard by mail. Even if the person you want to congratulate lives in the same house with you, you can send him a letter by the Post of Russia. Imagine how surprised he would be if he received an envelope on a holiday. Such a gift will remind a man of his years of service when he himself wrote such letters home, to his parents or beloved.

2. The playlist.

There are many services on the Internet,which can create a "live" postcard - a playlist. A playlist is a beautiful selection of photos, animations, combined with music. Here can be used as a photo of the most congratulated, and pictures from extraneous resources. You can also choose music on your own. A link to a ready-made cookie should simply be sent to the recipient. This can be done with the help of any of the social networks, which is used by the one whom you congratulate.

3. Festive poster

If you like to draw, then this idea is just foryou. Draw a congratulation on the big sheet of Whatman with the Day of the Baltic Fleet. Print and paste pictures depicting warships, building sailors in parade uniforms. In a word, manifest a fantasy.

Words that are worth saying

Any congratulation should not only go from the heart, but also be foldable and beautiful. If you verbally congratulate, you can formulate your wishes in your own words. For example: Dear (dad, husband, brother, etc.)), I congratulate you on the Day of the Baltic Fleet. You are very strong and brave, so I can with all courage call you the ruler of storms and seas. With you, not scary, because you can always protect. Stay like this in the future, and let you be accompanied by a good mood and luck in everything!"

If you love congratulations in verse, then try to compose it yourself, so that it is as closely connected as possible with the name, age, and kind of activity of the person you congratulate.

Well, finally, if there is no way to personally congratulate a person, write him a text message. Short and concise, but such that touched to the depths of the soul.