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The husband does not want children: we persuade correctly!

Even the most convinced careerist over the yearsthere may be an idea that she wants to leave a trace behind herself, to love someone and take care of someone. In a word - understanding that it's time to have a baby. However, a potential dad may simply not be ready for such a turn of events. How to act in such a situation wisely? What if the husband does not want children?

Fear of responsibility

the husband does not want children

Among the reasons why a husband does not want children, thisis most likely. Almost all teenagers in the midst of interest in the opposite sex are warned against rash actions, arguing that the child is an extremely big responsibility. Stories of relatives and friends like: "Look, Zinka from the third door gave birth, the husband can not support the family. I have to ask my parents, and they are also elderly ... "They only pour oil on the fire. A man can have nothing against the idea to raise a baby, but be afraid that he is not ready for such responsibility.

What to do

Family psychologists in this situation adviseto get a dog or other animal. A man will learn to take care of someone who is weaker, see the return. You can tell him about your childhood, about how your father cared about you in due time. You can visit friends or friends who have babies already. Seeing in the role of a happy father his friend, a man can realize that not everything is so scary.

Uncertainty in feelings for the wife

Here everything is somewhat more complicated and depends on the situation. It is very important to understand: the husband does not want children because he is not already confident in feelings for you, or YET.

What to do

In the first case, the right moment is, most likely,missed, and the lover has long been looking "left." If you were married recently, you should not rush things - probably a man really wants to make sure that you are a reliable person who is worthy to educate his children. But to keep a husband with the help of a child is not worth it. At first it is better to solve intra-family conflicts or to part completely and seek new relationships - the baby should grow up in a strong and loving family.

Do not rush

the husband does not want a child
It does not matter how old your spouse is:some are already 20 years old psychologically ready for the appearance of a new member of the family, and some in 40 it seems as if it is still a bit early ... The essence of the problem is that a man often perceives marriage not as a step into adulthood, to a completely new stage, but as another fascinating adventure.

What to do

Show your respect for her husband, and next time,when he decides to extend the term ("Come on, maybe in a year or two?"), agree with him, but immediately let him know that you do not intend to wait any longer. Believing him, you will show that the word of the spouse is the law for you. When a husband does not want children precisely for this reason, it is important to let him feel the inevitability of this step. But in any case do not oppress him with hints of age and that it's time to settle down - this will push him even harder.

You must first firmly stand on your feet

Maybe it's that the husband does not want children, believing that this is fraught with new huge cash outlays, which he is not able to pull out.

What to do

First, think about whether you are not too muchyou yourself demand from him. Perhaps, with your requests of a cosmic scale, he does not have any money left at all. Make it clear that, first of all, the child needs the love and care of parents, not the Gucci sliders or platinum walkers.

Marriage of convenience

If a person does not follow a marriagelight feelings, and the bank account of the parents of the bride or herself, to the idea of ​​having a baby, he is likely to react apathetically ("If you want - give, you do not want - do not need it").

What to do

If you are sure that you want a child fromthis person, he will not create any obstacles for you. However, be prepared for the fact that all the worries and responsibilities will completely fall on your fragile shoulders.

if the husband does not want children
Health problems

Only this reason why a husband does not want a child can be called serious.

What to do

Let him know that you really want the baby, butonly from him and nothing else. Call a man for a frank conversation, let him talk about his problems. Tell a couple of examples (you can and a little embellished), when your friends and relatives successfully recovered from infertility. Remember that in more than 90% of cases the work of a competent specialist will give the desired result, the main thing is to find a good doctor!