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Laver for street cottage - practical and aesthetic pleasure

The young generation of the 21st century is hardlysuch an attribute as a washstand - a simplified washstand with a kind of cork instead of a tap-jib, not connected to a water supply network and consisting of only a small container that was attached to any wall or vertical board. Some young people heard about them and even could see their grandmothers in private homes. I must say that this design, slightly modernized, is still used today. Such a laver for dachas, street or in-room, this is a very necessary thing for those whose structures are located far from the water main. It can also be used in a garage, workshop, on the territory of a summer cafe.

Laver for outside cottage

Wash basin for unheated dachas is convenient onor in the greenhouse, where the work is boiling in the summer, when there is a need to wash kitchen utensils, hands, wash the remains of the land from the harvested crop. For convenience, it is possible to attach a corrugated hose (50 cm in diameter) to a container with waste water (a sink) for draining it into the sewage system. And under the sink arrange a space for storage of kitchen utensils and garden accessories, having issued it in the form of a cabinet with a door on a magnetic latch or leaving open. The rear wall of the cabinet can not be installed in order to install the waste water system.

washbasin for heating without heating

Modern washbasins for dachas can be veryvarious designs using durable and reliable materials. With the assembly and dismantling of modern washbasins, any garden gardener will cope, as they are made without any complicated configurations - on the principle of "nothing superfluous".

The laundromat for a summer residence consists of a steelframe (lightened), a tank of bulk and a sink from plastic. On sale you can find these products of all kinds of color solutions for every taste. Polymer powder paint is used for the durability of the paint, which is not only an element of decoration, but also reliably protects the product from atmospheric influences, and, consequently, from corrosion.

washbasin for dacha

The wash basin for a summer residence is supplied with a sink,which has the form that eliminates the delay in it of waste water, as well as a bulk tank for clean liquid liters by 15. When you purchase the product, you will also be offered an important component - a crane to the tank. It can be made of chrome, with a valve or a water-saving double-acting faucet. You can install your own washbasin anywhere in your area, because it is not tied to any water supply system and will not require funds to purchase additional communication materials.

Applying your imagination, it's wonderful and sothe necessary device for giving, like a street washstand, can be made by itself, using instead of a tank of various decorative containers, for example, an old samovar. Equipped with a crane of high-quality metal (samovars in the old days were made of good materials), it will bring aesthetic pleasure. As a table, you can use an old countertop with a sink for a sink.

washbasin for dacha

The washbasin for a summer residence, not even equipped with a water heating system, will help you out during the summer.