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How long does the Pekingese live and how should they take care of it?

Pekines - dogs are very unusual exterior,they were brought to Russia in the mid-fifties of the last century and became unusually popular among pet lovers, even though they are not very easy to care for. Before you bring a dog to the house, many people, of course, are interested in the characteristics of the breed and are looking for information about how it will be necessary to look after the future pet. In particular, those wishing to have a dog, which will be discussed in the article, often raises the question of how much a Pekingese lives? So, what are the characteristics of this breed and how to care for it?

how long does the pekingese live

Like all small dogs, Pekingese canattributed to centenarians. Of course, this applies only to healthy animals. The better the care of the dog, the longer it will please the owners with their presence in the house. For example, if you look at how much a Pekingese lives in a nursery, where the conditions for keeping it are close to ideal, you can learn the optimal life expectancy of this dog, 14-16 years. There are even known cases when individual representatives of this breed survived to 20 years and more.

If we talk about how much the Pekingese lives inat home, then, of course, this figure will be slightly less - 9-11 years. Of course, you need to take care of the dog correctly. First of all, you need to remember that Pekeses do not tolerate heat at all. Walking in summer is necessary only in the shade of trees, allowing them to rest from time to time. If the owners decide to take the pet with them on a trip by car, care should be taken that a bowl of water is near the animal. Very good will also put a wet towel under the belly of Pekingese. In no case should not leave the dog in the car alone with the windows closed - it can simply suffocate.

how old are the dogs of Pekingese

Many owners even shear their petsin summer. This is allowed, but only if the dog does not participate in exhibitions. First, the trimmed doggie will be shy, but soon enough it will get used to its new appearance. In the winter on the street, dogs of this breed feel just fine.

How long does the Pekingese live? It also depends on proper feeding. In no case can not be fed to the dog of this breed of sugar and products containing it. It is better to replace them with fruit. In addition, Pekingese contraindicated smoked meat, fatty foods and spices. Eating them for food is fraught with a metabolic disorder for the dog. Too cold or hot food can also cause gastrointestinal disease. Do not give the pet and too liquid food. As for salt, it is necessary for these dogs, but in small quantities. In the diet of Pekingese, it should be about ten times less than in the diet of a person.

dog pekingese

Dog Pekingese often suffers from bites moretall dogs for a walk. And the initiator of the attack will most likely be your pet himself. Therefore, for a walk after him, it is worthwhile to follow closely. Especially Pekingese should be protected from those animals whose mouth is at the level of your pet's eyes. Muzzle in Pekingese is very short, and therefore they are extremely vulnerable.

To comb out the dog, if it is not sheared, it stands ina week at least two times. Pekingese have an undercoat that can become very tangled. Bathe the dog about once a month. After the walk, you should definitely wash your paws and tummy. Diluted Pekingese is quite difficult. This is due primarily to the fact that the puppies have a rather large head, and it's quite difficult to make a bitch.

So, the answer to the question about how many years livedog-Pekingese, is obvious - an average of 15 years. Of course, your pet can reach this age only if you feed him properly, walk every day and take care of him in every possible way.