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Holidays in March in Russia

The first spring month is the coming of spring,which was so long waited. He is not too rich for the holidays. Some of them are celebrated by people of a certain specialty, and some by the whole people. What are the holidays in March? Among them there are international, and those that are celebrated only on the territory of our country.

holidays in March

Professional Holidays

Professional holidays in March 16! And they begin from the very first March day. On this day, the Hosting Provider Day will be celebrated for the 18th time.

The same day, March 1, is marked by the Day of Forensic Experts of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. The given holiday is connected with the organization in 1919 of criminalistic service at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

The third day of March is significant for World Writer's Day, which is celebrated since 1986.

On the fifth day of March, theater cashiers celebrate their day since 2009 (it is celebrated on the first Monday of March).

On the tenth March day - Day of the worker of archives. On this day in 1720 the archival service began to work in Russia.

Another holiday in March is the Day of employees working in private security agencies. It is celebrated on the 11th. It is celebrated exclusively in Russia.

On the same day celebrate the holiday workers of drug control agencies and workers of geodesy and cartography of Russia.

Workers who work in thethe penitentiary system of the Ministry of Justice of Russia, celebrate their day on March 12. It is significant for a significant event: in 1879, on that day, Emperor Alexander III established a decree on the prison department, on the basis of which a unified state system for the enforcement of sentences was subsequently created.

In the afternoon, when the economic security units were formed in the MIA system, it is considered March 16.

On March 18, employees of public services, as well as housing and communal services, celebrate their day. It is celebrated not only in Russia, but also in some CIS countries.

Since 1996, submarine sailors celebrate their day on March 19. March 22 - taxi drivers.

what holidays in March

March 24 is a holiday for the navigation service of the Russian Air Force.

Workers of culture should be congratulated on a professional holiday on March 25. In Russia it began to be celebrated since 2008.

March 27 is the International Day of Theater.This holiday is very popular. He was especially relevant at a time when there was no cinema. To date, a large number of theaters operate in Russia in different directions. This is dramatic, and the theaters of musical comedy, opera and ballet. Many great artists are known all over the world.

Also on March 27, a holiday of Russian internal troops.

March 29 is the Day of Legal Service Specialists in the Armed Forces.

Holidays the first March day

A rather unusual holiday in March is theDay of cats, which is celebrated on the first day of March. But how to celebrate it? An unchanging tradition is to hold on this day grandiose cat shows. Also lovers of animals spend a number of home events in honor of their fluffy household members: themed parties, costumed balls, luxurious feasts.

holidays in March in Russia

The first March day is marked by World Civil Defense Day. On this day in 1972, the International Civil Defense Organization was established.

Women's Day

Everyone in our country knows whichholiday March 8 - International Women's Day. It is recognized all over the world. This holiday was especially important in the times of the USSR. Then it was perceived as a day marking the struggle for women's rights.

Toward the end of the twentieth century, this holidayhas ceased to be political. Now the eighth day of March has become a tender and romantic holiday, in which all women accept congratulations from men. It is a holiday of beauty and spring.

what a holiday on March 8

Religious holiday

What are the religious holidays in March in Russia? On the eleventh day of March, the Great Friday fast-worship week begins, beginning at the end of the third week of Lent.

Natural Holidays in March

The twentieth March day is the day of the vernal equinox.

According to scientists, this day comes the astronomical beginning of spring. The next day of March 21 is the Day of the Earth.

And on March 22, World Water Day is celebrated,which began to celebrate since 1993. Its goal is to draw people's attention once again to the fact that their life, the world economy, the standard of living of society depend on water.

March 23 is also marked by a holiday that is directly related to nature - World Meteorology Day.