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Sink tulip - the attributes of a modern bathroom

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How nevertheless it is good that progress is endowed with suchquality, as dynamism. He does not stand still, constantly offering us new designs and devices. The level of quality of life is growing, and we are growing with it.

Deciding to repair, we plan in advance, where andthat it is necessary to change. Especially often, restoration work is performed on an entrance hall, kitchen and bathroom. If you have changed the plumbing for quite some time, it's time to pay attention to the sink. Today siphons and pipes under the sink are not in vogue. Modern design of this state of things is considered a bad taste. What to do? The output is simple - the tulip shells will make your bathroom stylish and trendy.

Design Features

The name this model received because of itsappearance. The tulip shells are located on a thin pedicel, sometimes called a pedestal. This element takes on some of the load, but you can not rely on it completely. Like any sink, this design is attached to the wall using special brackets. Look through the catalogs in which the tulip shell is presented. Photos convey and features design, and a variety of colors, and modern design. There are also combined models, the main feature of which is the presence of half-columns or columns. In addition, it is possible to find monolithic constructions in which the bowl and the stand are one. But these two elements can act as independent parts. The cranes are not attached to the wall, but to the sink itself. There is also a mixer.

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Installation of a tulip shell

After buying a washbasin, it needs to be installed. This operation is simple, it is not necessary for her to call a specialist. First you need to attach the sink to the wall and outline the holes for the bolts. It is better to place the siphon first, and then start to install the bowl. Next you need to connect all the necessary parts to the pipes and sewerage. After making sure that there is no leak, you can install a foot pedestal. A little tip: if your shell is not monolithic, then the joint of the bowl and legs should be treated with silicone sealant. So you can smooth out small loads during operation.

Advantages of this model

The tulip shells have become quite popular due to their characteristics, which have appealed to many consumers.

  1. This model takes up very little space in the bathroom due to its compactness.
  2. A special pedestal reliably hides all pipes and hoses, which makes the premises neat.
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  3. Such structures are easy to connect to a low-lying drain.
  4. Tulip shells are very easy to clean. They are well cleaned with liquid emulsions and any other non-abrasive agents.
  5. They are often made of ceramics (faience or porcelain). But there are special models of glass. For their fragility, you should not worry. Glass structures are quite strong.
  6. Long service life. On average, with proper care such shells can last up to 20 years.
  7. Another advantage that has a sink tulip - the price. The cost of such a washstand is quite affordable for anyone who wants to change the interior of their bathroom.

As you can see, your bathroom with a tulip shell will become refined and stylish.