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What baby is born with a mustache? Simple answer to the puzzle

Probably, today every schoolboy can answeron the question of what kind of baby is born with a mustache. This is a mystery for children 3-5 years old. Intellectual development of the child at this age allows him to easily answer this question.

Consider it and we are in this article.

Why do we need riddles?

It is known that children love when adultsthey make riddles on different topics. Psychologists explain this feature by the fact that our kids are trying to understand the world: they compare things among themselves, try to analyze them, study their internal structure, etc.

And the puzzles help a lot in this symbolic knowledge of the world, they tell the child what different animals look like, whether it is possible to compare different objects, for example, a bulb and a pear, etc.

Therefore guessing riddles children need. For starters, you can just ask such a facetious question: "Which baby is born with a mustache?".

Well, where is the answer to this question?

Now we will give it.

The answer to the puzzle question

In fact, there is a generally accepted answer to this riddle.

It sounds like this.

Question: "What kind of baby is born with a mustache?"

The answer is: "Kitten".

what baby is born with a mustache

However, our children are so creative that they can come up with any answer to this question. Indeed, there are many mustached kids in the world.

These are kittens, mice, and even insects, for example, cockroaches.

How can one understand this diversity of individuals with a mustache at an early age?

Indeed, the task is difficult, so if your little one offered an extravagant answer to this question, do not worry, this means that your child is an inquisitive mind and a propensity to fantasize.

How can you play puzzles?

Ideally, riddles need not only to guess, but also play in them, for example, you ask a question to your son or daughter: "What kind of baby is born with a mustache?"

The child answers, and you offer himdraw on paper this cute kitten. After this task is completed, ask your child to tell about how this kitten lives, who his mother is, what he likes to do, what to play, etc.

what kind of baby is born with a mustache puzzle

As a result, you will get an exciting lesson based on a single puzzle.

If your kid is naughty, then do not force him to play with you, just translate it to another topic, and he immediately calm down.

Thus, we see how universalthis question about what kind of baby is born with a mustache, a mystery, a game, a drawing, all this can be done using just one small question and putting quite a bit of imagination, pedagogical tact, strength and patience.