/ How to carry shoes from artificial leather? A few tips

How to carry shoes from artificial leather? A few tips

Often one has to observe such a scene inshop, when the seller convinces the buyer that tight shoes are not a problem, it will soon disperse and become just right. Need I say that this is a common trick to sell the goods? Something, of course, and wears out over time, but how much pain must endure unlucky mod or fashionista before handing shoes out of artificial leather or other material!

how to carry shoes made of artificial leather

What if I could not resist?

If you were persuaded, and you bought shoes, butfound that walking in it is impossible, there are two ways: a) keep a check and try to return or exchange a thing in the store; b) learn how to carry shoes. From artificial leather, suede or leather - each material has its own characteristics. The latter - the most capricious, with which you can not overdo it, as the natural skin can crack or tear, stain or dry. You can not discount the fact that such shoes are usually not cheap, and the loss will cost more. And how to carry shoes from artificial leather? There are several simple methods for solving the problem on your own.

how to carry footwear from leatherette

Water and ice

It is necessary to pour water in a plastic bag,tie it and put it inside the shoes, then put the steam in the freezer or on the balcony, if it's minus the outside temperature. Freezing, the water expands and stretches the shoes from the inside. After bringing it into the room, you do not need to try to get the ice out, let it go back a bit.

Alcohol (not for heating)

If you do not know how to carry shoes fromartificial skin without casualties, you can moisten the inside of shoes or shoes with alcohol and put on your leg, pulling warm socks, and so walk around the house. As the alcohol evaporates, the shoes will stretch. In this method it is important to know the measure: alcohol is an aggressive liquid, and therefore it can not be applied to the outside of the shoe or at least to do it very carefully, because the surface can fade and go stained.

how can I carry shoes

Old newspapers are useful for business

Another tried and tested method is how to carry shoes fromkozhzama, is to use old newspapers. They need to be moistened with water, well crushed and densely shoved inside the shoes, then left to dry. Of course, not near a hot radiator, which is already drying shoes. When the paper dries, it needs to be removed and stretched shoes can be worn.

Paraffin or oil? Or maybe vinegar?

The use of these improvised tools will also helpanswer the question of how to carry shoes from artificial leather at home. They are used exclusively to soften the material and are applied, naturally, from the outside. With castor oil or vaseline oil, the surface of the shoe is treated, a sock is placed on the foot to slightly increase the size of shoes, boots or shoes. The effect will be better if you preheat a couple from the inside with a hot hairdryer. With vinegar, as with alcohol, you need to be careful not to spoil the appearance of things.

How to carry shoes

Civilized methods

And if you do not want to trouble, how can you carryshoes easier and faster? You can, of course, carry a purchase in the atelier of shoes and give it to stretching. Or buy a special spray in the store, which processes the inner surface of the shoe, and then - according to the well-known method: to put on socks, climb into tight shoes and walk around the house.

And the surest way is not to be persuaded and not to buy stinking shoes. Beauty requires sacrifice, but not the same!