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Disposable underpants for women in labor: what are they used for and how to choose

When preparing a list of items needed inMaternity hospitals of the doctor rely on the needs of women both during the appearance of the baby in the light, and after the birth process. Therefore, when collecting items, girls find the item "disposable panties for parturient women" in the list. In this article, we will find out what this subject of intimate hygiene is and how it will facilitate the days spent in the hospital walls.

Why are disposable panties needed in the hospital

In a hospital, especially in the postpartumsubjects of non-refillable use become irreplaceable things. Their use not only makes it possible to observe the necessary sterility, but also save a lot of time for a young mother. Disposable briefs for parturient women are considered a useful invention in the field of medicine. Thanks to this thing, a woman after the birth of a child can devote all his attention to him, without wasting time on eliminating personal inconveniences.

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Why do we need disposable panties for parturient women?

After giving birth, all women have a discharge -"Lochia". This is a natural process, the duration of which is about two weeks. The duration of the allocation of the lochia depends on the degree of recovery of the uterus. During this period, the child in labor should use special pads designed to absorb secretions. This period of time requires the youngest mother to most closely observe the rules of personal hygiene, because the immunity of infants is not completely formed. Because of this, all maternity hospitals tend to maintain sterile cleanliness. To protect the baby from a third-party infection, one-time underpants for mothers were invented.

What are postnatal panties made of?

The material from which this type of laundry is made must perform a number of important functions:

  • Create a "breathing effect" (let in air).
  • Reliably fit the figure (to avoid losing the gasket with a sharp change of position of the body).
  • To comply with all hygiene standards and requirements.
postpartum panties and pads

These functions are able to perform a soft elasticmaterial with a mesh structure. In its composition it has no harmful constituents and is absolutely hypoallergenic. Thanks to this, the use of postpartum panties promotes the acceleration of wound healing, if they arise in the generic process. There are also some versions of models, the material of which has a high level of wear resistance. This gives the panties resistance to washing (water temperature should not exceed 60 degrees). Such models can be used up to 4 times.

Dimensions of disposable panties for parturient women

On each packing of disposable linenthere is an icon L, M or S. If there is a problem of how to choose disposable briefs for parturient women, you should refer to a special table, the dimensions in which are specified by weight.

sizes of disposable panties

Varieties of products

Previously, for future mothers, models were offered only inform of swimming trunks. Currently, the range of disposable panties for parturient women has significantly expanded. You can choose a model, depending not only on the personal needs and wishes of women, but also on the process of childbirth.

Types of disposable panties:

  • Melting.These models are made of mesh soft material with very delicately made seams. This underwear is great for the first days after the birth of a baby. Their cost is low enough, which allows a woman to get rid of laundry without any problems as pollution.
  • Melting with a pulling band.This model is an assistant for women who begin taking care of their figure right after delivery. Such panties tightly fix the gasket, and the belt will provide a tightening of the abdominal muscles, which have not yet managed to return to normal. In addition, this model will be an excellent alternative to the bandage in the hot season.
  • Panties in the form of shorts.These models are made of wear-resistant material and can withstand up to 4 hand washings. In addition, shorts pants provide a small tightening of the abdomen and buttocks, contributing to a more tight fixation of the gasket. Lingerie of this type is recommended for wearing women with perineal injuries and after caesarean section. They tightly fix the skin of the abdomen, speeding up the healing process of the suture.
  • Panties with supporting effect.These models are designed for use both before and after childbirth. At first they support the growing tummy, and then pull it down. Also, such panties are suitable for women after cesarean section.
model of disposable panties

Cost of the product

The cheapest models of this kind of linenare melting. The price for packing (5 pieces) of such panties starts from 200 rubles. The cost of other models depends on the type and quantity in the package. For example, manufacturers of panties-shorts ask from 350 rubles per set.

If a woman does not know where disposablepanties for parturient women, you can contact a specialized online store. Also such kind of linen is presented in pharmacies and salons of clothes for expectant mothers.

Some features

Before purchasing postpartum pantiesit is necessary to calculate the approximate amount that will be needed in the hospital. Women who become mothers for the first time, it is rather difficult to do this. In this matter, one should be guided by the fact that the most intensive discharge will be during the first few days, then the need to replace the laundry will decrease slightly.

disposable panties for parturient women reviews

Having bought disposable underwear, a young mother will be able toProtect yourself from infections that are especially dangerous in the early postpartum period. In addition, such panties are simply necessary after a caesarean section or when getting wounds during the birth of a child. In order to make clothes comfortable, do not neglect the size table. Panties should be purchased exactly according to the parameters.


For more information, you canread reviews about disposable panties for parturient women, which are easy to find in various forums where young mothers share their experience of giving birth and talk about the postpartum period. But do not forget that the body of each person is individual. Women who tested such disposable underwear were satisfied with the result. Panties perfectly fit on the body, if you choose the right size.

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Sphere of use of disposable linen

Not many people know that disposable pantiesare used not only by women in the first time after the birth of a child. Models of such linen are used for spa procedures in beauty salons.

Also, disposable underwear products are popular withlong trips, frequent flights. Such shorts are preferred by people who do not have time to wash (during a business trip). Currently, the scope of disposable linen will expand, because of this, manufacturers are trying to make the goods more diverse. New models are produced that differ not only in price and quality, but also in appearance.