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Riddles about cucumber for small and large

Even adults like to guess riddles. About cucumber, for example, there are a huge number of them! And meanwhile not all and not at once can find the right answer.

Riddle with rhyme

At the youngest age, babies are difficult enoughorient in the world of adults. And their logic is still poorly developed. Therefore, it is best for them to offer riddles about a cucumber with a rhymed guess at the very end.

riddles about the cucumber

It is useful, tasty like,

Our green fellow,

He grew up in the garden,

And it's called ... (cucumber).

And to make sure the riddle about the cucumber for childrenwas guessed by them, you can show the kids a picture with a cucumber painted on it. And even show them a real vegetable in the event that the difficulties still arise.

Riddle about a cucumber for children 4-5 years old

It is very useful that every fun gives babiesnew knowledge. So guessing the riddles not only teaches us to find the right answer by comparing existing knowledge. Let the children take out and something new, solving riddles about the cucumber.

It's not a pumpkin, not a watermelon.

Green, juicy, fresh to the taste!

Unripe it tear

And put in salads.

But believe me, any kid

Likes to hrum ... (cucumber)!

It seems to be as usual: in the text are listed the main features of the vegetable, according to which you can accurately guess what is at stake. But the wise teacher at once noticed: here there is a mention that the vegetable is torn unripe. That's about it and it's worth talking about after guessing the riddle about the cucumber!

riddle about a cucumber for children

After all, as is known, even the name of this vegetable in translation means "immature". A ripe cucumber, by the way, no one will not eat - it is not tasty, tough and unpleasant.

Riddles about cucumbers for adults

Funny parties, corporate holidays,Youth evenings will become even more fun, if you diversify them by guessing riddles. Of course, do not use the questions that usually ask children. Moreover, there are riddles of a sufficient level of complexity. It is important only to make sure that humor is present in it. For example, we paraphrase a well-known riddle about geese, "imprisoning" it for an adult audience:

Crawled from the corporate home cucumber. To meet him - the company "relatives" from another corporate. Our fellow did not lose his head and said: "Hello, one hundred cucumbers!" And those answered him: "No, my dear! We are not one hundred! But if we were still as many as now, and even half a cup, yes, plus a quarter more, and you, dear cucumber, with us, then we would have been a hundred. " How many cucumbers went to meet our young man from the corporate?

It is clear that without a certain level of knowledge thisit is rather difficult to guess the puzzle-riddle. Therefore, on an adult corporation, it will be very relevant. The answer is still called. There were 36 cucumbers: 36 + 36 + 18 + 9 + 1 = 100.