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Contents of fish-males without problems

The content of fish-males is reduced only tofeeding and changing water once a week, but in order for it to be exactly so, you need to create conditions in which they will be comfortable. These include indicators such as temperature and water quality, lighting and plants.

Betta - aquarium fish, cockerel, contentwhich is simply indecent. This very unpretentious creature, which has an incredibly beautiful shape and color, refers to the sub-species of labyrinthine, that is, those who can breathe atmospheric air. It is this fact that makes possible the maintenance of fish-males in aquariums without aeration.

The natural environment of their habitat is standingwater reservoirs of Southeast Asia (Thailand, India, Indonesia). There are cases when they are populated rice pouches, having a depth of about 12-15 cm and not differing in purity. This confirms the fact that the content of fish-males in aquariums without a filter is possible, since they are able to survive in muddy, stagnant water.

Betta is characterized as an individual that is aggressive, thatforces aquarists to keep males apart not only from each other, but also from females. This fact is not confirmed definitively, since there is enough evidence for the peaceful coexistence of males in a common aquarium with calm fish (soma, neon, mollies).

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But also cases when the male scored his female orother males, enough. Proceeding from the above, it is best to choose for Betta a separate, small (3-4 liters) aquarium and install a female to it only if you decide to breed.

The lighting of the aquarium should not be bright,it is believed that this discards the color of Betta. Daylight is enough. It is necessary to protect the mini-pond from direct sunlight, since there is a high probability that the water will bloom. The content of mackerel fish implies a temperature regime of 22-26 ° C. At a lower temperature, this creature is often sick.

An important condition for maintaining a comfortableThe environment for Betta are plants. There are several reasons. First, they allow the fish to hide (its natural need). Secondly, they saturate the water with oxygen. Thirdly, floating on the surface of the plant collect a forming transparent film, which can cause the death of the cockerel.

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Fish-cocks, the content and care of which wediscussed earlier, require a high-quality live food. Ideal for midges, mosquitoes, larvae. You can also purchase a specialized dry or frozen food in the pet store. An important condition is the amount of food. The fish should be hungry! From overfeeding, they get fat and die early.

To maintain a good shape of fish from time to time in the aquarium to the Betta hang a mirror, with a reflection from which they begin to fight. Safe, very beautiful and interesting sight!

This small wondrous creation will give you the maximum pleasure and will give an opportunity to watch one of the most beautiful representatives of the underwater world at home.