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Cooling mat for dogs - comfortable and comfortable!

In the summer time in many houses and apartmentsit's hot enough. Dogs during the walk are stacked in excavated pits, lie on the cool floor and take cool baths every day to cool themselves a little. To your pets have suffered the heat much easier, the producers of pet products have released cooling mats for dogs, which you can buy directly from the pet store.

Cooling mat for dogs

What is dangerous hot weather?

The increase in temperature adversely affects thelife not only of people, but also of animals. They have slowed salivation, develops a thermal overload, which is accompanied by a decreased appetite. Even there is a change in the composition of the blood, increased heart rate and respiration. Long stay of the animal in the conditions of the raised temperature results in a thermal blow which quite often ends in death from a paralysis of heart and breath.

Assortment of cooling products

Such products are capable of providing a comfortabletemperature regime for your pet. Their assortment is quite diverse. These are colored scarves, collars, bibs and dog rugs. You can not catch cold, your shaggy friend can not, but it will be very comfortable for him to lie on it. In addition, even if your pet chews on the product, he will not get any harm.

How to use the mat?

Externally, the cooling mat for dogs looks likethe usual litter, but all the saving coolness lies in its filler. For some time, such a rug needs to be immersed in cold water and pulled out without twisting, as a result of which the dry filler balls become saturated with water and begin to cool the surface quickly. In this case, the mat will not be wet, but pleasantly cool, and its temperature is lower than the temperature in the house by only a few degrees.

Mats for dogs

The duration of the mat

It is noteworthy that the cooling mat forthe dog retains its effect for three days, after which it is necessary to dip it again in cool water. This is very convenient if you need to go on a long journey or go to nature with a pet.

A special kind of rugs

Inside some rugs there is a specialcooling gel. When the rug touches the animal's body, the cooling effect will only increase. Thanks to the evaporation of water, the pellets and gel last a long time keep cool, while it is very light and pleasant.

Additional features of the mat

Cooling mat for dogs can be used not only for pets, but also, for example, put under a technique that can become very hot during prolonged use.

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It is forbidden to freeze the cooling mat fordogs in the freezer or leave it under the scorching rays for a long time. The rug can damage washing in the washing machine and the use for cleaning strong disinfectant solutions and products, as well as bleaching.

Thanks to your care, the animal will maintain a happy and healthy appearance, rejoicing in any weather. We wish you coolness in the summer heat!