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Mysteries about the stars - assistants in the study of outer space

Little children develop very quickly. In just two years they are taught all the basic skills and speeches. The spatial concepts are a bit more complicated. But already at the age of four, one can explain what space is and start studying the stars. Riddles about the stars will help make the study fun and interesting.

How to study the star world?

riddles about stars

That the child is really interestedsky, it's a little trivial "Look, in the sky lanterns". It is necessary to show the child how vast the cosmos is. Show that each asterisk is a whole sun. The models of the solar system, stories about eclipses and meteorites are very interesting for children.

Provide stories with interesting puzzles, and the child will not remain indifferent.

Riddles for the little ones

1. What burns in the sky boldly,

Heights are not guided by fear?

The whole night gleamed brightly.

And suddenly disappeared in the morning.

2. A red tear ran across the sky.

Or it may have fallen ... (star)

3. Do not find a suven in the darkness of the nest.

Lighted his way bright ... (star)

Such simple riddles about the stars will be of interest to kids of three years. In addition, they will teach the child rhyme and imaginative thinking. Give the first idea of ​​the stars.

Mysteries about the stars for older children

riddles about stars with answers

Children age 5 and older can get acquainted withstars more deeply. Tell the child that the Sun is a star, but we see it big, because she is close to us. The remaining stars are much farther away and are visible to us only by small dots. Provide the story with a riddle:

In the morning, a fireball wakes up

And this bundle floats in the sky.

By evening, he descends the horizon,

Soon everyone will follow him to sleep.

Studying the constellations, you can also use riddles about the star. This will help the child to remember the names easier. For example:

It is not terrible at all to her winter icy surface,

After all, a star-shaped bear walks across the sky.

How to come up with riddles about the stars yourself?

Helping a child to know the cosmos, you canindependently invent puzzles for each lesson. They do not have to be rhymed. Just pick interesting facts and ask the child about them in the form of riddles.

For example, located in the west of the firmament, consists of eight stars; one brother is floating in the sky, the second in the ocean (Constellation Kit).

All the riddles about the star with answers written ina separate "star" notebook. This will allow the child to recall the material himself, and you do not have to invent new riddles to repeat the study.