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Children's riddles about lightning

The earlier parents begin to think aboutdevelopment of thinking of your child, the better. There are many different ways for this: puzzles, anagrams, ciphers and, of course, puzzles. Guessing teaches the child to think wider and deeper, to see the unusual aspects of everyday phenomena. Child's mind improves the ability to represent objects or events.

Riddles as a remedy for children's fears

It often happens that children are afraid of anything: dogs, darkness, insects, etc. Many kids are frightened by lightning. It is too bright, and the accompanying thunder makes it more terrible due to the noise created.

Riddles about a lightning

Rid of children from fear can be with the help of riddles about lightning. In them this natural phenomenon is described in such a way that it does not at all seem terrifying and frightening to the child.

For example, there are such riddles about lightning for children younger:

  • Tsap-scratch lives in the cloud, pops up an arrow with a burning one.
  • The fiery lions are clawing the horizon with their clawed paws.

After the child guesses these riddles, he can explain that the lightning is not at all terrible, she lives somewhere far away in the sky and can not reach the baby.

More complex zombie puzzles

For boys and girls older are suitable:

1) The eagle flies by,

In the claws - fire.

Fire arrows fired,

No one will catch them.

2) The hot-blasted boom

The tree fell down and left.

3) An arrow was flying,

I fell into the swan.

Seeking, searching,

I can not find it.

4) Between the sky and the earth a fiery arrow flies.

5) Blink, blink,

Someone will call.

Fiery Vine

Swirls in the sky.

6) A fire arrow is flying,

No one will catch her:

Neither the king nor the queen,

Neither is the girl red.

Riddles about the lightning, in which figurescomparison with fire, help the child develop associative thinking. It will contribute to successful study. The associative method of memorizing different rules and facts is one of the most effective and easy to use.

Dialogue with the child

Explain to the child what lightning is and to ridit can be frightened through dialogue. It should be built on interesting questions. For example, you first need to ask the kid how he thinks what lightning is. After he answers, he follows it truthfully, but with the elements of the tale explain how it arises and why a loud thunder is heard after it. Most often, children are afraid of ignorance.

puzzles about the zipper for children

You can also ask the child why lightningbright, fast, big, etc. The most important thing that is required from the parent is to think in advance what the baby can say and prepare fabulous forms of response. For example, lightning is so fast, because this wizard moves between cities.