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Why does the cat smell from the mouth: the causes and solution of the problem

Why does the cat smell from the mouth? No, it's not about the case when your pet just ate a portion of feed or a piece of such a favorite fish. We will not even consider this situation. An unpleasant smell from the mouth of the cat is alarming. And sometimes so fetid and very strong that it can not be sustained. Some owners are deceived: "I ate something wrong, it will pass!"

The cat smells of the mouth


Actually, the reason why the cat smellsfrom the mouth, lies, as a rule, in serious problems. Such a stable "aroma" arises from the accumulation and increase in the growth of harmful bacteria. But why they began to develop, you need to understand. What in the first place can we assume? Among the causes that occur especially often - the disease of the gums and the entire oral cavity (gingivitis, stomatitis), problems with the teeth (plaque, formation of stones, caries), respiratory diseases, kidneys, liver. In any case, a thorough examination of your animal will be required.


Is it possible to determine independently the cause, bywhich the cat smells from the mouth? No, if you are not a veterinarian. Sometimes, even primary examination is sufficient to detect a disease, in some cases it will be necessary to take tests. Sometimes only a detailed study will answer the question: "Why does a cat stink from the mouth?" This is a smear (with a mucous membrane), and blood tests (in the first place), urine, feces. Be prepared for questions about your cat's hygiene, diet, activity, behavior in general.

Odor from the mouth of the cat

Disturbing symptoms

In which case is it really necessary to contact a vet? Close attention is required by the symptoms described below.

1. Presence of dental calculus (especially with salivation, inflammation of the gums, difficulty in feeding). This situation usually speaks for the presence of dental problems. In the future, this kind of disease will necessarily affect the overall condition of the cat.
2. Sweetish (sometimes fruity) smell from the mouth can indicate diabetes mellitus. In this case, the animal more often than usual, drinks and peeds more.
3. If the cat smells from the mouth with urine, then most likely there is a problem with the kidneys.
4. In the presence of vomiting, lack of appetite, yellowing of the cornea of ​​the eyes and gums, one can assume problems with an equally important organ - the liver.
5. Attempts to scrape (scratch) the paws around the mouth (or even inside it) may indicate oral infections, including stomatitis.

Treatment and prevention

How to treat? About this you will be told only in the clinic. To give recommendations in the article would be hindsight, since each disease requires its own approach and treatment.

If the reason that the cat smells from the mouth,lies in the disease of the teeth (stones, plaque), you will need teeth cleaning (already professional). If the cause of an unpleasant "aroma" is the result of a failure in the functioning of the digestive tract (or internal organs), an individual and sometimes long-term treatment regimen is needed.

The cat stinks from the mouth

Are there any general preventivemeasures? Of course. The smell from the mouth of the cat does not appear due to age, as inexperienced lovers of tailed animals consider. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The owners of quite young cats face the same problem. What to do?

1. Show the pet in the clinic at least once in the half year.
2. Monitor the care of the veterinarian when inspecting the animal.
3. Do not forget to brush your cat teeth. This is done daily, with special pastes to avoid stomach upset and related problems.
4. Provide your cat (cat) with proper nutrition. Not all producers of balanced feed can be trusted. Sometimes it is better to give preference to natural food. What to feed your cat, the leading veterinarian will tell you.