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Parrot is hot: maintenance and care

Parrots are greedy or gray parrots - the mostwidespread inhabitants of housing conditions among birds. Ease in learning, sociability, intelligence - this is not all that pleases its owners parrot chef. The maintenance of the house of this bird will not be difficult, it is quite unpretentious.

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Jaco is one of the largest representativesfamily of parrots. He is rightly considered the most talkative of his fellows. Jaco possess good ability to learn, can imitate various sounds, melodies of songs, including human speech. Birds are gentle and unpretentious in food. The average parakeet reaches 35 cm in height. The plumage is light gray with different shades. The beak is large, black. The bird has a short straight tail, the color of which varies from brown to red. Playfulness and mobility are very characteristic of parrots Jaco. The content and upbringing of them play an important role in the development of character. After all, with improper care can become wildly wild, hysterical and even embittered. Homeland and their habitat are tropical forests of West Africa. By nature, he has a sharp and unpleasant voice. Teach them usually singly. A parrot of average abilities can remember up to 100 words, and a gifted one is much more. Jaco well imitates intonation, is musical and smart enough. Parrots live for a long time - 70-80 years, and this is far from the limit.

Parrot is hot: the content

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Parrots are very easily accustomed to captivity.With sufficient attention and care, they can become very attached to people. Birds are kept in specially equipped for them cages or aviaries. Preferably, there is always a single parrot zhako in the cage. The content in pairs is recommended only during breeding. Parrots have a bad habit of plucking their feathers. And if you add to this an inadequate diet, the lack of a special bath for bathing, wet weather and drafts, then you can get absolutely "naked" hot. The content of the bird in the room conditions has its own nuances. First, a parrot must be sprinkled with water every day. Secondly, the cell must always be dry and warm. Jaco can not stand dampness and bad weather. Thirdly, in a cage it is necessary to place twisting boughs, branches, driftwood. While living in captivity, birds do not like to fly, but prefer to walk a lot. Often there are those who like to splash in water or take a shower.

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The contents of the parrot do not greedyly deliver you hugeproblems, but still require some attention from you. For example, feed. Before pouring into the trough, it must be thoroughly soaked, sometimes sprouted. The main food for jakko is a grain mixture of millet, sunflower, oats, wheat, nuts (only not almonds!), Corn. Jaco - lovers drink fruit and honey water, eat fruit and greens. Birds love raw vegetables, sandwiches with butter and sweets. But giving them is often not recommended. Giving the bird enough time and attention, you can teach her various tricks, talk and get yourself a fun and reliable friend.