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Should I buy Samsonite suitcase: description, advantages and disadvantages

The world of fashion is volatile and fleeting. Every day designers from all over the world come up with new items for their consumers that are part of the wardrobe, life or art. Modern man can not do without these products. That is why, in order to look solid, to correspond to his status and image, he has to select all the objects that surround him, independently. One of the necessary items for human beings can rightly be considered a suitcase. Samsonite is the largest American manufacturer, based on the production of such products.

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The brand has become a true standard of quality, style and durability. But why did consumers like it so much? What are the main advantages of suitcases manufactured by the company?

Brand History

Its starting point is now a well-known companybegan in 1910. It was then that in the American city of Denver, the talented and pragmatic Jesse Schweither came up with a very compact and convenient suitcase for travelers and frequent relocations. Samsonite - a brand that began to please customers from the first product. This is due to the testing of goods. Initially, these were experimental models that allowed the master to understand what a traveler needs in a suitcase, what size it should be, and what to put in it. As soon as the first model came out, Jess realized that his discovery was crowned with success, and only after that he hired workers, taught them his business and began mass production of suitcases and bags.

Marketing course

The company is known not only for its exquisitedesign, and the special durability of goods. So, the first advertising of the brand's products was very popular, and all because it was an ordinary photo where five healthy men (Jess himself, his three brothers and father) stand on a suitcase.

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The founder has done everything to ensure that his suitcases are the most durable and reliable. This concept formed the basis for the production of all products of this brand.

Samsonite suitcase - long life guaranteed

The company went a long way to fame, but its name("Samsonite"), she received only in 1962. And this event was marked by the manufacture of the first suitcase made of cast plastic and magnesium, which instantly became a real hit of that time. This product was lightweight, capacious, reliably closed and did not open when falling. Shveyer led the brand promotion for a long time, until the crisis occurred in the family.

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In 1973 the company passed into the hands of newowners, corporation Beatrice Foods. Now the manufacture of suitcases and hand luggage went to other professionals who left both the name of the brand and the concept that the consumers liked so much.

Another owner gives a new life to the suitcases of Samsonite

In 1974 the company makes a real breakthrough, andthe first patented suitcases on wheels with a sliding handle come out. This achievement immediately elevated the brand over all other competitors, giving consumers really comfort, convenience and reliability when using such products.

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Since then, the brand pleases customers with new products, creating a practical, compact and stylish suitcase. Samsonite is a company that has reached the real top in this industry.

Benefits of goods

If we talk about specific characteristics,which possess all the products of this trading company, then the most important by right can be considered reliability. Advertising campaigns that unfold around the goods demonstrate in every possible way the strength of products in all possible ways: how they fall from the plane and remain unharmed, how they are under water and at the same time keep the inside of the dry, and even how they protect the contents from the attackers due to the presence of code locks and special inserts.

Undoubtedly, the second notable characteristicgoods of this brand can be considered ease. Manufacturers do everything possible to ensure that consumers do not feel uncomfortable even at full load, which will have suitcases. Samsonite Spinner - one of the leading models in the sale of goods throughout the company.

Samsonite Spinner suitcases
Streamlined design, durable hardware andincredible ease won the hearts of millions of fans. Rotating wheels in any axis allow you to change the direction of movement at any time without changing the product. This line is very in demand due to its high technological characteristics. All that a traveler needs on the road, combines the products of this brand. As the manufacturers themselves say, it is unlikely that you will need to repair the suitcases. Samsonite makes them "on the conscience", combining in the products the tradition of quality and modern methods of processing and finishing.

Original models

One can not deny the fact that advertising campaigns,carried out by manufacturers, often exaggerate the real characteristics of products. This can not be said about the suitcase Samsonite. Reviews of millions of customers, on the contrary, consider all products of the brand to be real masterpieces of this industry. Indeed, companies always have something to surprise their customers, sometimes they offer shocking and unordinary options. So, in the 2000s, the brand started developing premium products. The most notable can be considered a suitcase, the body of which is trimmed with Swarovski rhinestones. This model literally "blew up" the world of fashion, before consumers appeared really the most provocative and expensive suitcase. In honor of the anniversary of the opening and foundation of the name, the company will release collections of goods with a golden color case.

Customer's opinion

The range of products of this brandreally grandiose. There are products for adults and even children's suitcases. Samsonite never stands still, offers customers every time new options and models, and so consumers always have, from which to choose. As customers of shops note, the goods of this brand are very strong. They withstand any falls and bumps, and do not open even in a violent collision. Very strong protection, installed on some suitcases, really works. Also, buyers pay attention to reliable fittings, which does not break even for 10 years. Particularly striking is the roominess of the products. Of course, the variety of style and design solutions pleases. You can choose the color of this product for any mood. Especially popular is the suitcase-trolley. Samsonite made this kind so convenient that a person, even overcoming obstacles (road irregularities, stairs, etc.), does not experience huge discomfort.

Samsonite suitcase

In general, this trading company today isthe standard of reliability and durability. If there are competitors at the firm, then they are still far from the technical component of what the Samsonight brand was able to achieve. When choosing a suitcase for yourself or your family members, first of all you should pay attention to the products of this company.