/ / Dove Peacock: description of the breed, content, feeding, breeding

Dove Peacock: description of the breed, content, feeding, breeding

Today there are more than 800 species of pigeons,accustomed to serve man. And whatever the breed, all the birds are extremely beautiful and graceful. Dove Peacock can rightly be called an infant and a dandy among the relatives.

Types of pigeons

All 800 existing breeds of domesticated pigeonsare divided into two large species - decorative and meat. Dove Peacock refers to the first type. This contributes to the chic and unique appearance of the bird. In addition, this breed is often used in organizing various celebrations, for example, weddings. After all, there is nothing more romantic than a pair of beautiful birds that soar into the sky. Peacock pigeons, due to their elegance and elegance, are very suitable for strengthening the solemn moment.

Peacock pigeon

A bit of history

The first pigeons Peacocks appeared in Northern India. Indian rajas proudly and lovingly showed guests charming birds walking around the palace. Until the XVI century, the feathered remained the property of Indian nobles, until they got to England on the ships of brave navigators. Since then, the proud procession of the breed across Europe began. As a decorative breed pigeons have taken root in many European countries. Particular love birds enjoyed from residents of Holland and Germany. In the last country, a special breed was evacuated - a black pigeon of Peacock. In Russia, the feathered birds were relatively recently found - just in the 40s of the last century. However, here they immediately found their fans.

Dove Peacock: description of the breed

In the world there are several species of pigeonPeacock: American standard, Russian and Hungarian. As for the coloring of the bird, then there is a lot of options - from light caramel to variegated. But the brightest representative of the breed is the white dove Peacock.

The most outstanding sign in the appearance of this breedis the tail. Lush, high-set, with long feathers, it reminds peacock pride. That's why the bird got the name "peacock pigeon". Feathered, it seems, understands the entire irresistibility of its tail. Otherwise, how can one explain the dissolution of a peculiar plume before the audience? Each movement of the dove is filled with grace and grace, and the proudly protruding chest completes the image of the feathered bouncer.

White dove

According to the breed standard, Peacock pigeons mustHave a short back with a notch in the middle, a round breast and an elegant beak. The skin around the peephole must match the color of the beak. The bird itself is small with a neat little head. The tail is equipped with a feather pillow, which gives it great splendor. Vertical planting of the plume is one of the main criteria for assessing the breed standard. The wings of the birds are small, so it is very difficult for them to fly long distances. Moves the dove Peacock gracefully, stepping from the paw to the foot, like a ballerina on pointe shoes.

Features of the content

For the correct maintenance of pigeons Peacocksyou need to get a spacious enclosure. Optimal fit structures from the grid with perches inside. The cages are built at a rate of 1 m. area for each pair of birds. To begin with, a novice amateur pigeons can only buy one pair of birds to test their own forces for maintenance and care.

Next to the enclosure there is an indoor dovecote forshelter of birds in cold weather. Despite their beauty and grace, Peacock pigeons do not require special care. Nevertheless, it is necessary to follow the birds during the breeding season and gently trim a few feathers of the tail so that they do not interfere with the feathered pairing.

breed pigeons peacocks

The rest of the care for peacock pigeons is the sameas well as for the rest of the species. It is necessary to regularly clean and disinfect the feathered dwelling. There should be fresh food in the troughs, and clean water in the troughs. The temperature regime in the enclosure or pigeon-house shall not be less than 10 ° C. Otherwise it is necessary to take care of the heating system of the room. Relevant will be additional lighting, especially in the winter, when the day is shorter than the night.

Diving peacocks Peacock: what can you do that you can not?

When feeding pigeons, it is important to remember that the diet of the summer period differs significantly from the winter one. Proper feeding is the basis of the life of the bird, its health and activity.

In winter, birds should receive food with a highthe content of carbohydrates. Such food is longer processed by the bird's body, accumulating energy. In winter, the ideal meal for pigeons is a mixture of barley and wheat. The use of corn will also be appropriate. To make the feathers more pompous, flax and rape are added to the food.

Food, rich in protein and vitamins, can not be better suited for summer feeding. Legumes, millet, vetch, buckwheat, millet - everything is included in the diet of the summer period.

As additional elements in foodmix shredded vegetables, vitamins and mineral bait, which is the basis for the strength of the pigeon eggshell. Not the last place in bait of birds occupy fodder yeast. They contribute to the growth and fertility of pigeons.

pigeons peacocks black

Specific diet should be in the moult period of birds. High-protein food helps to accelerate the growth of the new plumage of birds of the pigeon pigeon.

When feeding birds, remember the forbiddenproducts. Pigeons are not recommended to give black bread, different kinds of meat, dairy products and many seeds. All this food can damage the health of the feathered pet, making it difficult to digest and assimilate food.

Breeding pigeons at home

Pigeons Peacocks are considered very prolific and beautiful parents.

There are two methods of breeding birds of this breed.

  • Homogeneous selection of the pair consists in pairing individuals with the same characteristics (for example, white doves Peacocks).
  • Heterogeneous selection provides for the difference inbreed variety. This pairing gives an interesting offspring in terms of breeding. However, it is necessary to monitor the cleanliness of the male and female, so that the newly created chicks' qualities are not flawed, and the chicks themselves - with obvious defects (for example, the horizontal position of the tail, the bent breast, the absence of a characteristic recess on the back)

In pairing birds in the home, it is necessary to go through several stages.

  • Before acquaintance of the male and female should be carefullydisinfect the room, prepare steam boxes, where a couple of pigeons are placed. After use, the steam boxes become nested.
  • The matched pair is placed in the steam box andlocked at night. The criterion of mating is the morning behavior of the male. If he does not move away from the female, takes care of her, then after some time one should expect the chicks.
  • Depending on the age 1-3 days the femaledemolishes 1-2 eggs. Thin pigeons reluctantly sit on the masonry, or even completely leave the nest altogether. Therefore, it is recommended for mating to pick up plump females.
  • If the fertilization was successful, and the embryo appeared, after 16-19 days the chicks hatch. During the hatching period, the dove should be disturbed as little as possible.
  • Usually pigeons Peacocks are good and caringparents. Naked and helpless chicks can not live without feeding for more than three hours. And if for some reason the dove refuses to feed its children with goiter milk, the breeder will have to feed the babies artificially.
  • Feed the nestlings of the peacock pigeonrecommend a porridge of warm milk with a mashed boiled yolk. A mixture for baby food is also suitable. Feeding babies is most convenient with a pipette every 2.5-3 hours. Solid cereals can be given to young animals, beginning with 1 month of life.

Breeding pigeon peacocks

Diseases of pigeons

Starting to breed pigeons Peacock, it should beremember that the bird is subject to the same diseases as its wild relatives. When treating birds, it is very important to choose the right medicines and adhere to the treatment regimen. And if the medicines are prescribed by a veterinarian, care of the sick pet completely falls on the shoulders of the owner.

The classic ailments of pigeons of peacocks are:

  1. Salmonellosis. The cause of the disease - a stick that enters the body of the bird through the trough, a drinking bowl, infected litter, from another sick bird. There are three forms of salmonellosis - intestinal, nervous and articular. Symptoms of the first type of disease - a sharp increase in temperature, apathy, lack of appetite. Symptoms of a nervous kind of salmonellosis are convulsions, and articular formation of cones on the wings of a pigeon. When the first signals of the disease appear, it is necessary to urgently contact the veterinarian.
  2. Ornithosis. It is dangerous not only for birds, but also for humans. Symptoms of the disease can be seen immediately after infection. Eyes change their color, the bird seems to cry with mucus, rattling wheezes are heard, dyspnea, diarrhea and paralysis appear. They treat the disease with vitamins and special preparations.
  3. The disease of trichomoniasis is caused by a virus,spreading on the mucous membranes. Symptoms of the disease are stains in the mouth. The dove begins to choke, becomes weak, the skin around the eyes and the beak changes the natural color. Often the bird suffers from diarrhea. The method of treatment of trichomoniasis is complex vitamin-antiviral therapy.
  4. Pigeon adenovirus is a big problemveterinary medicine in the last decade. Diseases exposed young birds at the age of 6-9 months. The disease can lead to tusks of the pigeon and a malaise of the nervous system. Signs of adenovirus are decreased appetite, frequent watery droppings, vomiting, rapid weight loss. Without proper treatment, the dove dies within a few days.

pigeon peacock content

What should a new breeder remember?

To avoid mistakes when buying the first feathered pet, a beginner in the field of pigeon breeding should follow several rules:

  • It is recommended to purchase pigeons in the presence of an experienced breeder or veterinarian. Otherwise, there is a risk to buy a sick bird.
  • Aviary for birds should be well strengthened to protect pets from attack by predators (cats, martens).
  • The dwelling of birds should be regularly cleaned and disinfected.
  • If it is supposed to breed pigeons Peacocks, it is necessary to organize nests where the females and chicks could settle.
  • In order to tame pigeons, it is recommended that they spend as much time as possible with them, train the birds and wean them to be afraid of the owner.
  • A regular examination of the veterinarian feathered will strengthen their health and protect against possible diseases.

These birds are incredibly beautiful, but also require proper care.