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Russia's Air Fleet Day: how long it all began

Day of the Air Fleet of Russia ... Saying the name of this glorious holiday, it is unlikely

day of the air fleet of russia
Whoever thinks about the time since hisnote. And some people have a question: "How does this memorable date differ from the other, also known as the Day of the Air Force Fleet?" In fact, the names are similar, in the calendar, the significant days are practically located. So, maybe this is one holiday, which people call differently? Let's understand. The first has very deep roots, although few associate the solemn day with the name of Nicholas II. And it was he who was the man that made the WF in Russia a real force. However, the parks of balloons and dirigibles existed even earlier.

And it all began so long ago ...

The Aeronautics Commission was established in1869 year. It was her responsibility to determine how effective the balloons were, whether they were able to provide assistance during the war. A year later the first balloon was lifted to the sky of our country by the commission's efforts, and in 16 years the first aeronautical park appeared in the country, which became a separate, independent structure. Of course, the pilots, or rather the aviators of the time, can not compare with modern aces. They could not even imagine what opportunities their great-grandsons would have. But even then they were courageous, resolute, intelligent, well-educated specialists. The best of many. To fly to the sky, aviators studied the basics of physics, discovered the laws of aeronautics on their own experience. But the main thing is that they constantly improved their vehicles on which they ascended to the sky. The advantages of our aviation, all the exploits and records began precisely with them - the first aeronauts of our country.

day of the military air fleet
They also envied the boys. And that air park can be considered the progenitor of today's aviation, although officially the Russian Air Fleet Day was celebrated later.

Balls, dirigibles and pigeons

It is interesting that the first park that unitedaviators, submitted to the Commission, which was responsible for the work of aeronauts, watchtowers and ... pigeon mail. Since then, the pilots have participated in wars, adjusting the fire, conducting reconnaissance. Military ministers even created special "air" teams in Pskov, Novgorod, and several other cities. For the whole of Russia, 65 balloons were accounted for. In 1908 the park was replenished with airships. However, the Day of the Air Fleet of Russia was still not noted: military officials were distrustful of innovations, and the airships were afraid. What did not prevent in 1910 to open flight schools in Russia. It seemed that the fleet already exists (by that time there were as many as 7 planes in the country!), You can celebrate the Day of the Air Fleet of Russia. But even the appearance of the first squadrons (1911) did not change the situation: the pilots still submitted to the Engineering Department. Only in 1912, Nicholas II changed the situation. He created a special unit, which specialized exclusively in aeronautics and was subordinated to the General Staff. In August 1912, the Day of the Air Fleet of Russia was first celebrated. Of course, no holiday, no congratulations, but the event took place. Since then, not only the pilots, but all those who served the flying devices, have become especially respected people.

And Stalin, and the Supreme Council, and Putin

The role of aviation is difficult to exaggerate. This was also realized by JV Stalin. It was he who decided to celebrate the Day of the WF of the USSR, beginning on August 18, 1933. Holiday in the country

Russian Air Fleet Day 2013
fell in love. Time passed, but when the USSR collapsed, and the new Russia was just born, the Supreme Council, keeping traditions, decided to leave the Aviation Day on the festive calendar. The last edition of the decree was held in 2006. He canceled one of the points of the previous document "On the Establishment of the Air Force Day". The holiday was considered a memorable day in the RF Armed Forces. It is designed to support the prestige of military aviation. Since that time, the Day of the Air Force Fleet is celebrated on August 12. Congratulate the pilots on the place of service, in families. However, all state festive events dedicated to the Air Force are held on the third Sunday in August. The day of the Air Fleet of Russia in 2013 was celebrated on August 18, and this year it falls on August 17. We wait!