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Can I get pregnant from male lubricants, is there sperm in it?

If you avoid conception of the child, you decided byinterruption of sexual intercourse, then, for sure, you are concerned with the answer to the question of whether it is possible to become pregnant from male lubricant and whether there are sperm in it. In fact, today quite a lot of couples choose for themselves such a method of protection, when the sexual intercourse is forcibly interrupted before ejaculation occurs (the man takes a member out of the female vagina). It's no wonder that inexperienced guys and girls are very concerned about whether it's possible to get pregnant from male lubricants. The answer to this question you will find in our article.

So, any gynecologist will tell you thatIt is possible to become pregnant from male secretions, although the likelihood is small. But, for sure you did not know that you can not get pregnant from all the male secretions in the process of sexual intercourse!

Classification of male secretions

Do you care about the answer to the question: Can I get pregnant with male lubricants? Well, first you need to understand what this lubricant represents. It turns out that the allocation of men during intercourse can be divided into two groups: lubrication and smegma.

The first type of selection appears at the momentthe presence of the penis in an excited state. In appearance, such secretions are transparent, there are few spermatozoa in them, so if, asking the question: "Can I get pregnant from the guy's lubrication?" - you mean such discharges, then the probability is small. However, it must be understood that this is not ruled out, therefore, for a couple who are not ready to have children, this way of preventing unwanted pregnancy is not the best. You need to be protected by more reliable methods. Take this as a rule if pregnancy is not your nearest future plans.

By the way, if the sexual intercourse follows immediately after the recently passed, the probability of becoming pregnant increases, in this case only one sperm will be enough for the fertilization of the ovum.

Another type of male lubricant is smegma. It is characterized by white color and unpleasant odor. Such lubrication happens, both in women and men. Smegma is a mixture of secretions of sebaceous glands of foreskin, moisture and dead epithelial tissue. Such secretions accumulate on the head of the penis and do not pose any danger to those girls who are not ready for pregnancy.

Can a girl get pregnant with lubricant? Maybe it's easy!

First, spermatozoa, albeit in smallquantity, are in the lubricant, which is released during sexual intercourse from the very moment when the penis goes into the stage of excitation. That's why you can easily get pregnant with male lubricants. Gynecologists do not recommend such a method of preventing unwanted pregnancies, considering it a great risk for a couple who is not yet ready to have children.

Secondly, after the ejaculation partspermatozoa continues to remain in the canal and on the penis, so when a second sexual intercourse they go unhindered into the vagina if the man did not take a shower before that.

Thirdly, the interruption of intercourse is notonly the danger of becoming pregnant from male secretions, but also the danger that the man will not have time to remove the penis in time until the moment of ejaculation. In such moments, all the pleasure of sexual intercourse can be spoiled. By the way, even if a man has time and caught the moment, the probability of getting pregnant still remains, as spermatozoa live for three days and can get into the vagina with a sheet and even with the palms.

Therefore, if you are determined not to rush tochild, in the process of choosing the method of contraception, it is better to abandon the interrupted sexual intercourse, and not to ask the question: "Can I get pregnant from a male lubricant," since he does not give any guarantees absolutely. The best option is condoms, thanks to which you can avoid unnecessary excitement and get a real pleasure from sex.