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How to choose the best cat food

It's no secret that from the rationalnutrition depends on the health and quality of life of each of us. The same rule applies to our pets, which people sometimes forget. Very often, choosing the best food for cats, we are guided by considerations of economy or are influenced by advertising. However, do not forget that for a balanced diet of animals, the menu should include the mandatory basic components. First of all - animal proteins, which are contained in lean meat, fish and poultry. In addition, the best fodder for cats consist of cereals and vegetables with the addition of vitamins, enzymes and fatty acids.

Best cat food

Not every breeder has an opportunitydaily to prepare natural food for your pet, so you have to make a choice from the options that offer us pet stores. To choose a high-grade and high-quality product, let's consider what the most common types of feed represent.

Dry food

Very convenient to use, dry foodhelps the animal maintain tooth cleanliness and does not deteriorate during prolonged storage. If you prefer this type of food, do not forget to provide the cat with drinking water in sufficient quantity. From the open packaging the food should be poured into hermetically sealed containers, so that it does not lose its nutritional properties.

Canned food

Most cats eat with pleasurecanned food, it is to the liking of even gourmets and whimsical animals. After the can is opened, its contents should be transferred to glassware and stored in a refrigerator. The shelf life of canned food is quite large, but it will be superfluous to check the date of manufacture on the package.

Wet food

The best food for cats

Pieces of food in jelly are produced in smallpackages in single portions, which is very convenient. The optimum ratio of humidity and quality composition allow to consider that this is the best food for cats (not including natural).

All types of feed, depending on the composition andprice policy of producers, are divided into classes. Rations economy and commercial class to consider a full-fledged food is absolutely impossible! Cheap feed varieties do not contain animal proteins, the main constituent in them is soy. Causing a feeling of satiety, such food does not bring benefits, but can be dangerous to the health of the animal. Using artificial colors and flavors shows that this is far from the best cat food that can cause allergies or diseases of internal organs.

Best cat food

Premium and super premium productsare made of quality components that do not contain carcinogenic constituents. The vitamins and minerals present in them provide the animal with adequate nutrition, which does not require additional additives. The best premium cat food is economical, the animal is saturated with it faster due to its high nutritional value.

Choosing what to feed your pet is always worth remembering that this is a small predator, so the best cat food is natural food.