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Rug for the child: borrow it useful game

All parents know that toys for kidsshould be not only qualitative and safe, but also developing. After all, when a child begins to learn the world, it is very important to provide him with a space through which he will learn and improve his skills. A very useful assistant for dads and moms can become a developing mat for a child. Passed strict certification and made of natural materials, it can take your kid for a long time.

How to choose?

mat for baby
First, you need to pay attention tochild safety. That is, it is important that during the game process, he is not injured or bruised from falling, for example. Secondly, the mat for the baby should be hypoallergenic, that is, made of such materials that will not cause an allergic reaction. Thirdly, it should be easy to clean, because it is very important to ensure a healthy environment for the baby. Fourthly, it should not contain small parts, easily detachable elements that can be swallowed. And fifthly, the main thing in any rug is the developing principle, that is, the game should be fun for the kid.

Varieties and Brands

Today, a mat for a child is offered by manyknown and not so manufacturers. For example, in the mid-price category (from 1000 to 2000 rubles), you can choose a mat from Taf Toys, the main distinctive feature of which is the presence of rails. Toy develops motor skills, emotional intelligence, stimulates the baby to communicate with parents.

soft mat for children
Like most other models, this one is equipped with a peeple, a safe mirror, rustling and rattling elements, as well as fabric inserts with different texture.

Soft mat for children in the price range from2000 rubles and above, of course, looks more vivid, spectacular. For example, the "Amazing Concert" model from Tiny Love is a whole design that has arcs: toys are suspended on them. On the surface of the rug distributed toys for various purposes - from teethers to rattles. For older children (from two years old) a SAFARI rug, which is a kind of pillow with a two-sided design, is suitable. By the way, it can be used both at home and on the street. More interesting is the mat for the child of the brand Bright Starts "Wonderful Lake", which is additionally equipped with a game pad and a table. This multifunctional toy will please you for a long time.

a mouse pad for children

As you know, children are great lovers of singing andto dance already from one-year-old age. And let little that is clear to adults - the child is something fun! For such fidgeting, a musical mat for children will be a great gift. A variety of sound effects - a guarantee that your child will engage in a fun game for a long time. In addition, these toys are easy to operate, so children will quickly understand how to use it. Playing, children will learn to recognize melodies and sounds, learn how to reproduce them independently, in addition, perception and creative musical expression will develop. A colorful design in combination with security and reliability will make every toy not only useful, but also comfortable and quality.