/ / Remo-wax drops: reviews, instructions, use in children, drug analogues

"Remo-wax" drops: reviews, instructions, use in children, drug analogues

Painful sensations in the ears deliver massinconveniences even for an adult person, not to mention small children who have not really learned to speak properly. With such clinical manifestations, troubled parents flee to the pharmacy and acquire any drops that could alleviate the unbearable suffering of the child. Of course, pain relievers need a baby, but it is better to treat the cause that caused the disease.

«Remo wax» reviews

But before prescribing medicines,it is necessary to find out what exactly caused the pathology in the ears: sulfur plug, water ingress, foreign body, inflammation. It is impossible to do this on your own, therefore at the first symptoms it is necessary to show the child to the doctor (ENT), who after the examination will prescribe specific medications. Science has not yet invented universal medicinal medicines, each drug has pharmacological indications and side effects.

In the course of the conducted tests to studysafety and clinical efficacy of drugs for the prevention and treatment of sulfur plugs in children, experts came to the general conclusion that the most appropriate remedy is Remo-vax. Comments of doctors confirm its high efficiency. During the tests, the researchers noted that after the application of drops in patients, no allergic reactions and side effects were detected.

Description and price

price "Remo wax"

"Remo-wax" (ear drops) are in the range of 350rubles. It is a hypoallergenic solution designed for regular cleaning of the auricles. The drug as gently and comfortably removes sulfur, without injuring the auditory canal. The drug suppresses the growth of harmful microorganisms, narrows the pores and helps to remove already dead cells. It does not contain antibiotics and aggressive agents that could harm a child's body. In the sale comes in a plastic container with a convenient dispenser (10 ml) medicament "Remo-vax". Patients' reviews of this drug are only positive.


«Remo wax» for children reviews

Thanks to its gentle chemical composition, it can beapply to newborn and adult people suffering from skin diseases and allergies. Especially the preparation is shown to the persons who are engaged in swimming, to children of small age, to people with the lowered hearing and that who often uses ear-phones. The solution contains moisture retaining agents (sorbic acid), which perfectly moisturize the sulfur plug, helping to easily wash out the earwax.


Safe components are present in the solutionRemo-wax for children. The opinions of people say that this is a highly effective remedy with excellent therapeutic effect. It contains allantoin, mink oil and liquid lanolin, all these substances protect the skin from the effects of aggressive bacteria and have anti-inflammatory properties. Butylhydroxytoluene and phenylethanol improve cell regeneration and have an antioxidant effect.

Application and dosage

"Remo wax" for children instruction

The drug "Remo-wax" (for children) instructionrecommends instillation into the auditory canal. Before taking the vial of medicine it is necessary to hold it for several minutes in the palm of your hand, so that the liquid becomes close to the temperature of the human body. The child should be laid on his side, slightly pull the lobe down (for newborns, it needs to be moved up and back). In this position (on the back wall), instill 20 drops of liquid.

Attention: Never inject the medicine into the center of the auricle, as this can lead to the formation of an airlock. In most cases, the drug "Remo-vaks" is well tolerated. Feedback from patients says that immediately after instillation in the canal liquid is felt, but in a few seconds everything is normalized. No pain or discomfort is caused by the solution.

After entering the drops, there is no need to insert into theear wheels, as the solution will quickly absorb. In a short time, sulfur will begin to dissolve, so that it may leak out of the hearing aid. No rinsing is necessary. For regular hygienic treatment the drug is used no more often than once in two weeks.

If there is a sulfur plug, the number of procedurescan be increased. In individual cases, daily instillation is required (up to five times a day). Dosage and course of therapy may be prescribed only by a doctor.

Substitutes (analogues) "Remo-wax" (solution)

To date, a similar medicationfunds (for the components of the drug) have not yet come up. But there are medicines similar in therapeutic effect: "Audi Baby", "Zeromeks", "A-Cerumen" and "Audi-Spray." Before replacing, consult a doctor. The price of "Remo-wax" is low, and the effect of the solution is high.


Do not use if availablesevere pain in the auricle. Do not recommend it for damages of the tympanic membrane and secretion of the secret from the canal. There were no data on overdose cases.

analogues of "Remo Wax"

"Remo-wax" drops: reviews of patients

Many parents say kind words to the addressof the given preparation. Like the solution of no side effects. The liquid quickly and easily helps dissolve stagnant sulfur plugs without harm to health. As the mothers say, the kids calmly tolerate the medicine, do not act up when digging in and do not cry. The bottle is easy to use thanks to the dispenser, which is important.

Experts often recommend it to their patients. Prescribe the solution to elderly people with reduced hearing, and also for preventive purposes. The drug is really well proven. It is absolutely safe, effective and does not cause discomfort.

Watch your kid's health carefully! Remember that sulfur plugs can cause hearing loss in the baby. If your baby complains of noises, rezi in the ears, says that he hears an echo, then you should immediately contact an ENT doctor. He will help to wash the ear canal and tell you how to take care of this important organ. Never clean your baby's ears with non-sterile cotton swabs, otherwise you may damage the structure of the auricle.