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Decorative pillows are an excellent addition to any interior.

Decorative details of the interior createa certain atmosphere in the house and make our home more cozy and comfortable. It happens that attention to not very successful pieces of furniture is distracted by eye-catching decorative elements. Pillows can be exactly the "highlight" that will give the room a lived-up appearance and emphasize its individuality. After all, in order to radically change the atmosphere of your apartment, you do not need a lot of financial costs.

 Pillows decorative
Even in such rooms, where strict classicalinterior, decorative pillows with floral prints, abstract sketches and geometric figures will be appropriate. Many prefer exclusive pillows with embroidery made by hand, or with laces, beads. Such pillows can be given to friends by embroidering the wishes of love and happiness.

Today decorative pillows can be decorated inthe most diverse options. They can be made using tapestry, silk, fur, velvet, leather materials. Their colors can be pleasantly surprised by their "cushion" fashion. It can be images of animals and flowers, as well as famous slogans and symbols.

Decorative pillow
The decor of pillows is of great importance ininterior. When choosing a color, designers are advised to purchase decorative pillows with a relaxed and most lively pattern. These can be drawings depicting flowers and fruits. But that their image was more natural, and not artificial. It looks like a cage with some plant motif or a combination of yellow and green with a slightly noticeable white cell.

The interior will be more expressive if on a sofa of blue color to spread orange decorative pillows or on a bed with a yellow coverlet - crimson.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that boththe lack of color spots, and their oversaturation can adversely affect those who live in the house. Therefore, it is very important to adhere to the golden rule: the brighter the color of the walls, the more calm the tone should be at the pillows, and if the curtains and furniture are made in restrained colors, then the fabric of the pillows should be bright.

Decorative pillows

Decorative pillow can be a great gift. If you choose such a gift to a girl, then it's better to stop on a silk version. A man suits a suede pillow.

Decorative pillow with your own hands

You can make a pillow with your own hands, usingfurniture fabric and foam for filling. Designers argue that any textile idea should be accompanied by an accurate selection of accessories. Such trunks, such as cords, fringe, brushes, braid, braid, are an amazing decoration item.

So, for example, the invoice decor serves asa three-dimensional invoice finish, through which a tree and wool, silk and coarse linen are combined. Applied decorations from cockleshells, feathers, rhinestones, suede and leather are applied to the surface decoration. With the help of multi-colored braid, you can trim the edges of carpets, sew it on bedspreads and pillows, cover the seams on the upholstery of furniture.

Decorative pillows in the interior

New decorative cushions can not only transform the interior in the house, but also deliver great pleasure in their daily use.