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How to make a clapper suit with your own hands? Sketch, costume description

All the kids are eagerly awaiting thisholiday, like the New Year. And this is not surprising, because at that time all dreams come true, and the kind Grandfather Frost brings many gifts. Brighten up the holiday will also help an excellent carnival costume.

costume crackers

About the flapper

If the baby is needed for the New Year carnivalcostume clappers, often parents are simply lost and do not understand how and from what to do it. But here everything is extremely simple. You just need to imagine the clapper itself. She is always bright, inviting. The same should be a suit for the baby.

About girls

If you need a clapper suit for a girl, there can be a huge number of variations. However, the most successful option:

  1. The headpiece is a cap that will end with bright tails (imitating a shot).
  2. Dress or waistcoat with a skirt, decorated with multicolored tinsel.
  3. Bright shoes.
  4. From accessories you can take a pop-up mock-up made of paper (the product will look like a big candy).

costume crackers for girls

About the boys

If you need the same suit for the new year to the boy, then there is nothing terrible or complicated.

  1. You will need a hat-cap.
  2. Also it will be more necessary to wear overalls decorated with tinsel, or pants with a vest.
  3. Shoes should be bright.
  4. The boy does not need accessories for this suit.


You can start preparing a clapper suit withcreating a hood-cap for the baby. And all because the hat for both the boy and the girl will be made one by one. To do this, you need a Whatman, from which you need to make a cylinder. Here it is important to prepare the product according to the size of the baby's head. After all, in this case, the hat will be convenient to "sit" and will not prevent the child from having fun. Next, the product must be wrapped with bright wrapping paper so that the tail can be tied up from above. To attach the paper to the paper, it is best to use two-sided adhesive tape. Now the paper can be folded into a ponytail and fastened with a bright ribbon. If desired, this tail can be cut into small strips, which will be an excellent imitation of a shot from the cracker.

New Year's costume crackers

Sewing a costume for a girl

If there is no way to sew a suit of crackers forgirls, it can be made from the clothes that the baby already has. For this it is enough to take a bright dress (for example, red) and decorate it with rain and sparkles. But in this case, it's best to think about a pod, because the cracker must be magnificent. Make it simple. To do this, you need a tulle of the appropriate color. The podnyubnik is cut out like a full sun-flare. If you want, you can make several levels of it, which you just need to attach with an elastic band (if you want a skirt to make even more magnificent).

If you want to sew a baby blouse, you need to cut it out according to the sketch of the simplest T-shirt. Further only it will be necessary to sew up sleeves-lanterns. Also, it's good to decorate the collar of a blouse with beads or pawns.

If the costume of a cracker is assumed, the dressgirls can be both direct (easier to sew) and cut at the waist. Everything depends on the desire of the child and the mother herself. A straight dress is made on an elongated pattern of a free T-shirt. Sleeves are also good to do in the form of flashlights. It remains only to decorate the costume with sequins, rain, pawns.

suit for the new year boy

Sewing a costume for a boy

To sew a suit for a new year to the boy also it will not be difficult. For a basis it is possible to take patterns of the most usual direct trousers and a direct shirt.

  1. The top of the suit. Shirt for a suit needs to be shortened (to the waist line) a little on the back and shelf. Sleeves can be made interesting by collecting them in width on an elastic band around the elbow and the baby's brush. The collar can be made large and beautiful, laying it over the entire width of the shoulders of the baby.
  2. Pants. Cutting out also on the most usual pattern, as in the case with a shirt. The width of each leg in the area of ​​the knee and foot is gathered on the leg with an elastic band.
  3. As decorations, you can make big bright buttons on the shirt. Also on the back of the suit you can embroider the contours of the cracker.


Preparing the New Year's costume for the crackers, alsoyou need to decorate and baby shoes. If it's a girl, you can take bright beautiful shoes. They are decorated with rain, ribbons, palet. The boy's shoes can be a little more modest. In this case, it will be enough to attach a small balumbon to the toe of the shoe, like a clown. This will diversify the costume and make it more beautiful and elegant.


If a clapper suit is made, you can alsogive a bright and beautiful accessory in the hands - the layout of this cracker. Make it completely easy. The base will be made in the form of a cone, the material is a whatman or a thick cardboard. Next, the product itself needs to be wrapped with bright wrapping paper, as in the case of a hood. The color of the paper can be selected for the color gamut of the costume, and in the section in it. The bottom of the cracker must be covered with paper. But the top will need to tie the tail. And the more it is, the better. You need to tie a long paper tape (it will be an imitation of a rope, for which you need to pull, so that the cracker exploded).

carnival costumes photo


To New Year costume crackers wascompletely completed, you need to think through all the details. So, if the child wears a waistcoat, a monophonic turtleneck must be pulled underneath. It is better, if it is not a soft color (in this case the suit will not be overloaded). The girl will also need pantyhose or golf clubs, the boy needs to wear solid socks (better light color).

Alternative options

If the mother wants to cook her ownto the kid carnival suits, a photo in this business - the first assistants. You can always ask the tutors how to dress the baby better, so that it will be convenient for him at the party. What else can be costumes clapper?

  1. For a girl you can sew a dress in the floorcylindrical shape. At the heart of it will be a paper or thick cardboard, covered with a cloth. So, the child will be completely similar to a cracker. The only negative: the suit is uncomfortable, and the child is unlikely to be comfortable in it.
  2. Another version of the dress for the girl: a narrow dress in the floor, the bottom is collected with an elastic band. Sleeves are flashlights. Again, the product will not be too convenient.
  3. As a costume, a boy can be made one-pieceoveralls. It is also not too hard to sew. The lower part is like ordinary straight trousers, the top is like a shirt. The product is connected to the level just below the waist. The costume of the cracker for the boy is being decorated with rain.

It is worth saying that in completely different wayscan be sewn the same carnival costumes (photos of children from kindergarten matinees - the first confirmation of that). You just need to include fantasy and come up with something of your own, original.