/ Kenwood Meat Mincer: will make minced meat in a minute!

Kenwood meat mincer: will make mincemeat for a minute!

Gone are the days when for making minced meathand-operated meat grinders were used. Not only are they uncomfortable, so also the quality of the product is not always pleasing. Today, in almost every home, you can see electric meat grinders. This is a real find for housewives. To use it to prepare forcemeat, it will take only a few minutes. But which model to choose? Which manufacturer to give their preference? There are so many different devices on sale that just your eyes are scattered.

Kenwood meat mincer is one of the best.And these are not simple words, but confirmed by the testimonies of those who have already used it. The company has established itself as a reliable manufacturer of various household appliances, the quality of which does not cause any doubt.

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At present, Kenwood produces 13 modelsmeat mincers. Their body is made of either metal or plastic. On what to stop the choice, each buyer will solve itself. The metal surface is indisputably more practical, but modern plastic is not inferior to it, and at an order of magnitude cheaper. In other respects, the principle of the meat mincer is the same. In the kit there is necessarily a basic set of tips for making minced meat, sausages, kebbas, slicing vegetables and fruits. The difference of models is also in power (it starts with 1400 W). Depending on the capacity, the device can process from 1.5 to 3 kg of meat per minute.

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Kenwood meat mincer will definitely become your faithfulassistant in the kitchen. With it, you can prepare minced meat for cutlets and other dishes. For these purposes, you can use both a large grate and a smaller one. As they say, to your taste. The equipment for different models may differ, but the company offers a considerable number of useful attachments, among which special for kebbe and sausages, grater-slicer. Of course, the kit includes a loading vent (metal or plastic), as well as a special pusher.

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It is worth paying attention to the fact that the meat grinderKenwood has a reverse function, quite useful and necessary. So, if during work on knives veins and a film from meat are wound, it is possible to clear them, not resorting to analysis of the device. Managing the device is easy, even a beginner can cook with it. Of course, preliminary all the same it is necessary to familiarize with the instruction, having paid attention to rules of safe use and adhering to those councils which will promote long service of technics.

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Kenwood Meat Grinder: reviews

Consumers respond to these meat grinders inmostly positive, confirming the fact that the instruments of this brand are really qualitative and do not cause problems during their work. Many housewives use such a meat grinder for many years and do not regret their purchase. The only negative, which is described in the reviews, is the high noise during the work. And if for you it does not matter, then it's worth buying a Kenwood meat grinder. The device itself is not only good at work, but it is easy to clean, and all nozzles can be stored in a special pusher compartment.