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Which car holder for smartphones is better to buy: reviews of car owners

Car holder for smartphones isA modern device that allows you to conveniently attach mobile devices to the instrument panel. Such accessories are in demand due to their versatility and ease of operation. What are the features of the holders and how to choose them correctly?

Convenient and modern

car holder for smartphones

Choose the car holder you need correctly. And for this you need to carefully consider some of the nuances:

  1. The construction plays an important role, since it is fromIt depends on how convenient, reliable and safe the work will be holder. The design should be thought out so that to install it in the cabin was convenient and simple, the viewing angle remained good, and the device itself could be removed and rearranged at any time.
  2. Car holder for smartphones should be universal. Choose the device is not for a specific model of the mobile device, but such that it is combined with devices of different production.
  3. Ability to connect to the on-board network.This is provided both by connecting an external wire, and wiring, which is integrated in the holder. What decision to choose depends on what the design features of the device are, how it is attached.
  4. Reliability is another factor to consider when choosing a holder. It is expressed in the fact that the mobile device must be protected from falling, which can lead to its deterioration.
  5. A very popular car holder for a smartphone with charging, when you can ensure the smooth operation of the mobile device in any conditions.

Popular Models

The most in demand among buyers isUniversal model of the holder, which is suitable for fixing smartphones of any brand. Externally, these devices resemble a glass in which the device is securely and tightly inserted. This design - the ability to protect your smartphone from falling and, as a result, damage. Universal car holder for the smartphone is popular with customers just because of its versatility.

universal car holder for smartphone

Angled holders, according to reviews, the mostreliable in terms of fixation, since the mobile device is placed inside the holder. Fixation is carried out by means of an adhesive surface which, if necessary, can be washed with water as it becomes contaminated. Such a holder is good for its reliability and unobtrusiveness in the car salon.

Specialized car holder forsmartphones are designed for a specific brand. That is, the devices repeat exactly the contours of the smartphone itself, and also open certain possibilities for operation, most often it is a possibility of charging.

If you do not like the wires that flash here and there in the cabin, choose wireless holders. They work at the expense of a special station, whose task is just charging the device.

Features of fastening

magnetic car holder for smartphones

Choosing an automobile holder for smartphones, you need to consider how it will be attached to the car salon. Among the most popular methods of fixation are the following:

  • On the glass by means of a suction cup: some models designed for a specific brand of devices allow you to attach smartphones to the glass. But this solution is not always convenient.
  • The telescopic bar is the original solution, which is often used for fixing aipads or tablets. The bar is fixed between the headrests, so the gadget can be freely moved along it.
  • The holder is attached to the glass, but the device itself is located on the instrument panel.

About additional features

Modern car holders forsmartphones and tablets is a wide choice of devices that attract attention with multifunctionality. Among the most popular features - a charger and an additional battery. This is convenient, especially if you are planning long trips, where there is no way to connect to a fixed network.

Models overview

car holder for smartphones samsung

To date, a huge number ofmanufacturers offer their products, which will become a harmonious and convenient addition to each car. Popular brand Samsung is always ready to offer its customers only high-quality and reliable devices and accessories to them. So, the car holder for Samsung smartphones is an accessory, the attachment of which can be adjusted in height. And this, in turn, allows you to adjust the viewing angle, which will be most comfortable for the driver. The holder is universal, that is it can be used for fastening smartphones with a diagonal of 4-5.7 inches. The distinctive features of this accessory include:

  • reliability of fixation and the possibility of charging the mobile device while driving;
  • The swivel mechanism allows you to adjust the optimal viewing angle for the driver;
  • The holder can be used not only in the car, but also indoors.

Models with charging function

Convenient and multifunctional carholder for smartphones with wireless charging. Among the popular models can be noted Inbay. The holder of this brand is made in the form of a glass and has a convenient cup holder for car installation. Designed for smartphones, whose width can reach 70 mm. The connection uses a standard USB jack, and the cable can be laid open or hidden.

car holder for smartphones with charging

Car Holder Nokia CR-201 alsosuitable for wireless charging, which for people who are constantly on the road, just a godsend. The holder is conveniently fixed on the instrument panel and connected to the car cigarette lighter. The peculiarity of the model is in the rotary mechanism, which makes it possible to set the device as conveniently as possible for the user. The feedback notes that for Nokia Lumia the holder is ideal, and to charge the Nexus 5 it is too big.

For iPhone

car holder for smartphones with wireless charging

Mr. HandsFree Genius iPhone is a holder that is perfect for Apple iPhone 3/4 / 4S products. A well-thought-out design of the base unit ensures reliable fixation of the mobile device on the instrument panel. A distinctive feature of this model is the powerful sound of the built-in speaker and an external microphone, which makes the calls loud and well audible. The presence of DSP-technology serves as a pledge that the echo will be suppressed, and the noise level - to decrease.

On the glass

car holder for smartphones on the glass

Probably not the most convenient device - automotiveholder for smartphones on the glass. So, the Scosche MagicMount model is designed for the fact that various devices - smartphones, phones, tablets, navigators - will be attached to the glass. The basic requirement of the holder is that the device should not have a display larger than 8 inches. The principle of operation of this model is that the attraction is provided by a neodymium magnet and a special plate. The magnet is safe for any type of electronic device, and the fixation is reliable and absolutely safe, no matter how fast you travel. The distinctive features of the model include the following:

  • for the creation of the body used plastic of high quality, so the holder is wear-resistant and durable;
  • the base is treated with helium coating, so the device is mounted on the dashboard as neatly and tightly as possible;
  • in the set are supplied two magnetic plates, designed for devices of different sizes;
  • The holder can be used not only in the car, but also at home or in the office.


Among innovative models of holders it is possiblenote magnetic. Scosche MagicMount Dash / Window is a modern magnetic car holder for smartphones, tablets, navigators and a number of other electronic devices. It is enough simply to place the communication device on the magnetic surface, and it will be securely fixed in the position you need. Unique design does not require the use of clamps, cradles, so your smartphone will be reliably protected from mechanical impact. Magnets are good for durability - after even a few years of operation they will be as reliable for fixing as they were just after the purchase.

Each Scosche mount is swivel, souser can easily adjust the holder so that a comfortable viewing angle is provided. You can use the device anywhere - in the car, at home, and at the office. In addition, the uniqueness of the holder is also in the fact that it can be installed on both the windshield and the instrument panel. The Dash model is complemented by a large square sucker, which will ensure reliable fixation of even a large and heavy gadget, including on an uneven surface.

Ppyple brand models: for any gadget

car holders for smartphones and tablets

Ppyple CD-NT is a universal holder,which attracts attention with stylish design and high quality. It is suitable not only for smartphones of different brands, but also for tablets or Iphone. The holder is made of high-quality ABS plastic, the hinges of the device are of the highest quality, so they do not creak when used. Swivel connections allow not only to adjust the viewing angle, but also to ensure the rotation of the screen around its axis, which makes it possible to adjust it as conveniently as possible. Among the popular models - the car holder Ppyple Multi-CLIP 5, designed to fix the communicators of different diagonals of the screen.