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What do the French Bulldogs look like? How many live these dogs?

To date, the world knows a lotbreeds of dogs. Some of them are considered official, others - hunting, others - decorative. The latter are suitable for maintenance in small-sized urban apartments, so they are often turned into residents of megacities. French bulldogs are especially popular among beginner cynologists. How many live and how the representatives of this breed look, you will learn from this article.

Brief history of occurrence

The first mention of the breed is dated XVIIcentury. Experts are sure that their distant ancestors came from English dogs brought to France from the UK. Local cynologists liked these animals so much that they began to cross them with other similar breeds.

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The cost of these dogs was commensurate with the price of a good car. Therefore, not everyone could buy such a pet. In the houses of noble people of that time lived French Bulldogs (how many live these little dogs, we'll tell you later).Small and friendly dogs were wonderful companions for walking. Therefore, in rich families there were several representatives of this breed at once. They came to the territory of Russia only at the very beginning of the 20th century.

Exterior Features

Those who know how many years the French livebulldogs, will certainly be interesting to their appearance. The average height of these fifteen-kilogram dogs is no more than 38 centimeters. As a rule, these parameters depend on the sex of the individual.

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Despite its small size, representativesthis breed is strong enough. They can be recognized by a strong stocky body and a short muzzle. Highly set animal ears do not need to be docked. From under the forked upper lip, teeth can be seen, and muscular cheeks create a warlike appearance that characterizes all French bulldogs. How many live these dogs, largely depends on the conditions of their maintenance.

The body of the dogs is covered with a short, smooth and softwool. To date, the most common bulldog colors are spotted and brindle. It is much less common to see white or fawn individuals.

What character do French bulldogs have?

How many live in this breed, exactlyno cynologist will tell. It is known for sure that the old age of these dogs begins by seven years. However, in practice, it also happens that they die when they reach the age of fifteen.

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This pretty animal is verycontradictory temperament. On the one hand, they are quite active and playful. On the other hand, they are lazy, calm and proud. Some of them are so vindictive that they will not forget the offense until the end of their days. In general, these rather phlegmatic animals are suitable for those who do not like to lead an active lifestyle.

Having understood how much the French live on averagebulldogs, you need to say a few words about their ability to socialize. Representatives of this breed get along well with all members of the family, including with other animals. They get on well with children, so they can be trusted even by an eight-year old child.

How to care for the representatives of this breed?

Those who have already realized how many live FrenchBulldogs at home, you need to find out what care these dogs require. These animals are rather unpretentious. It's enough just to walk them regularly and comb out a short coat once a week. It is also important to monitor the condition of the ears and muzzle of your pet. To avoid the development of infectious diseases, you need to regularly wipe the folds available there, since it is in these places that dirt and moisture accumulate constantly.

how many French bulldogs live on average

As for food, bulldogs can be givennot only natural products, but also dry food. In the first case, the basis of the pet's diet should be meat. Also, the dog menu must be supplemented with vegetables, cereals, eggs, fish and fermented milk products. Depending on the age, the puppy is recommended to provide four or six meals a day. Adult dog is enough to feed twice a day. And it is desirable to do this at about the same time.