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Baby carriage Anex. Carriages Anex "3 in 1"

Today, the domestic market is represented bya huge choice of strollers for children. But Anex takes a special place on it. It does not copy the models of its competitors, but creates unique strollers that are distinguished by high reliability, exclusive design and European quality.

Anex baby strollers are developed by the best Swiss experts who find original accessories and unusual color solutions. Their development is implemented by specialists in Poland.

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The time-honored Swiss elegance anda combination of world style trends are embodied in Anex wheelchairs. Using modern, environmentally friendly materials and advanced technologies, the company creates universal models of wheelchairs with a lightweight frame, perfect suspension suspension system and very reliable safety belts (5-point).

Stroller Anex «3 in 1»

This category of wheelchairs is quite widely represented in the company's model range. In this article we will talk about some of them.

This model is ideal for both hugea lively city, and for a quiet and quiet village. Stylish and original stroller is made of high-quality environmentally friendly materials on modern technologies. Buyers note the smooth running, excellent maneuverability and ease of management. This model has an improved cushioning system with four springs. It softens the blows on uneven roads.

Anex Sport "3 in 1" stroller is convenient not only for kids up to three years, but also for parents of any growth, thanks to a convenient adjustable handle.

Replacement blocks (walking and car seats)are installed very simply. The cradle is spacious, equipped with a headboard with a regulator (3 positions). The kit includes a coconut mattress. It promotes the correct position of the baby's back.

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The walkway block has four backrest and footboard positions. This, according to parents, allows you to choose a convenient position for the baby during a walk or sleep.

Stroller Anex Tempo «3 in 1»

This is a modern and stylish solution in the market of walking models. The stroller is practical and comfortable, very durable and at the same time surprisingly compact. The model corresponds to the world quality standards.

This Anex stroller has a spacious cradle thatinside is trimmed with high quality hypoallergenic cotton. The frame is made of plastic, characterized by increased strength, external upholstery made of water-repellent fabric. There is a three-dimensional hood, which is installed on the cradle and on the walking seat, as well as a bumper handle, which is necessary for carrying the child.

Pleasure Bloc

A spacious and comfortable seat can be installedin the course of the stroller and against it. The seat is spacious, very comfortable. The seat back is adjustable, there is a stand for the legs. Very comfortable protective bumper, equipped with a jumper of soft cloth, which is fixed on the buttons. Therefore, even if the seat belt is not fastened, the child will be securely fixed.

Additional safety of the baby providesbelts (five-point) with shoulder soft pads. The seat is equipped with a reinforced frame, which guarantees the small owner maximum safety

Car seat

The car seat can be used fora child from birth to three years. Manufactured on a plastic frame. The car seat has a convenient carrying handle. In bad weather, the baby will be protected by a large hood. For the tiniest babies there is a soft liner. The weight of the model is 11.4 kg.

Anex Classic «3 in 1»

Comfortable and stylish novelty of the company. Stroller Anex Classic "3 in 1" is created in traditional classical style, the cradle is installed on a traditional classical frame. The stroller is very cozy and comfortable.

 stroller anex 3 in 1

It uses modern technologies forprotection of tissue with silver ions, which provide excellent bactericidal and antiseptic properties for this model, and a mattress filled with coconut shaving corresponds to the anatomy of the baby.