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Fashionable clutch bag with your own hands

Today we will talk about how to make a fashionablebag-clutch with their own hands. Such a handbag should be in the wardrobe of every woman, and not just one. A bag-clutch is useful for going out into the light, walking or working. In general, this is what you need for many occasions. The assortment of boutiques and stores is huge, materials and finishes are very diverse, just an amazing wealth of choice for an accessory such as a clutch bag. You can buy everything, but it is often difficult to choose exactly what is needed to complete a particular image. So, for the cause.

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It will take a small piece of tissue (depends onsizes of handbags, plus allowances for seams of about 50x50 cm), threads, needles, sewing machine or special adhesive for fabric, scissors, strengthening material - doublerine, zipper or button, chain for the handle (you can do without) and lining fabric. A clutch bag can be not only sewn, but also glued! The fabric can be any both in color and quality. Silk, wool, natural or artificial leather or suede, jeans fabric, raincoat - the main thing that she liked and was comfortable in work.

Council. With dense tissues work easier.So if this is your first sewing experience, choose your choice of dense wool, denim or leather. For gluing only thick fabrics will fit! When working with the skin, remember that incorrectly made seams with further ripping leave traces in the form of holes.

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So, the materials are selected, now the model.Let's consider some variants. The simplest is an envelope with a button fastener or a beautiful button. With or without a handle, such a clutch bag looks good with any outfit, be it an evening dress or loose jeans. Outwardly it can with rounded or straight angles, small folds and zipper. Such an accessory is convenient to wear on the shoulder, on a long handle-chain. You can slightly modify the pattern, and the clutch bag will look like an envelope.

Clutch over shoulder bag

Council. If you decide to make an accessory without a handle, insert a loop - so it will be much more comfortable to wear it. And still, the clutch bag over the shoulder is a more convenient variant of wearing.

It's better to make a pattern on paper, so you're right.you will be sure that you are not mistaken with the size. A ready-made pattern can be folded like a handbag and attached to yourself, make adjustments. Then it is cut on the wrong side of the fabric. For a clutch in the form of an envelope, the pattern is made in the form of two rectangles of the same size and triangle. If you decide to make a buckle

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ku-zipper, then the triangle is no longer needed, we drawone rectangle, we round off or not two angles (bottom of handbag), there we make a dart or we plan folds, so the handbag will look better. All! We transfer the pattern to the fabric and to the lining fabric, cut it out, glue it with strengthening material for greater density, and the bag must keep the shape. The seams of the bag can be glued with special glue, and you can sew. Then we sew the lining and carefully insert it into the purse, sew it. And finally, the clasp and the handle. And now we are fantasizing and decorating.

By the way, lovers of knitting can connect sucha handbag in just a couple of hours. It will look very stylish and unusual. Handbag-clutch always gives the image of its owner femininity and elegance, and such an accessory can be made by hand.