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Pekingese: content and care, character

If you choose the right "servant" for yourself, thenYou can not even look in the direction of a small, but proud Pekingese. This is a true aristocrat, all life in the house must revolve around him, and he will accept honors with royal dignity. It seems that you own the Chinese emperor himself. The royal manners are laid in it since birth, so if you are not ready to waste attention without measure or are too busy for this, it is better to take a cat or a rat. Have you decided to have a puppy? Ask yourself, what do you know about the Pekingese breed? Content and care have their own subtleties, to which you need to be ready. If there is no answer, then sit down to read the whole family and then make a decision together.

Pekingese content and care

What you need to know about

Who is hiding behind a fluffy cloud undername of the Pekingese? The maintenance and care of this dog is not too difficult, but it requires selfless love and tenderness towards your pet. This is an amazing, incredibly charming and intelligent dog. But at the same time wayward, with a heightened sense of self-worth. You must clearly understand the two rules from the first days. First: the owner is you. The word "no" should be the law. Second: education should be done gently, without violence, otherwise you will grow a spiteful, aggressive and uncontrolled animal instead of a good-natured, active and playful pet.

Choose a puppy

Prostudivavav bunch of literature, you stillstop at the Pekingese breed. The content and care will be discussed in more detail a little later, but now let's look at the selection of the puppy. What dreams do you have with him? Do you want to grow a star champion or do you need a good friend and companion? Pekingese will never become a security guard, but can be a good friend and excuse for ecstasy. If you are planning an exhibition career, then choose the breeder very carefully. It is desirable that both parents have high titles. Of course, such puppies are very expensive, but the offspring of the future champion will be highly appreciated. The cost will start from 1000 dollars and above.

You always learn by looking that beforeyou are an excellent Pekingese. The maintenance and care of them is much more difficult, as the magnificent wool spreads directly on the floor, and it must be constantly combed or braided. If you are looking for a domestic friend and pet, then you can choose your dog not the best blood. You probably saw in the courtyard of Pekingese, whose hair is relatively short and does not require so many worries. But he still remains a sweet and wonderful friend and companion.

Pekingese care and content


The height at the withers is 15-23 centimeters, the weight is notmore than 5 kg. Color can be monochrome or spotty, white, red, black. It is highly desirable that there is a dark tan around the eyes, a mask on the sea and darkened tips of the ears. This does not apply to pure white or black individuals. This is a long-haired breed, and there are no restrictions. When the Pekingese show-class slide on the ring, they can not consider the paws, because the silk wool falls gently on the floor. On the contrary, attempts to shorten it in order to simplify the care of the animal can be perceived negatively by the judges.

Merits and demerits, the nature of Pekingese

This, too, you need to know if you have a home soonshould appear Pekingese. The content and care can be complicated by the nature of your pet as well. He is extremely proud, independent and reserved, on excessive "lisping", as well as on rudeness, reacts painfully. It depends a lot on the education that the dog will receive. Absolutely all Pekingese are very smart and smart. If you managed to find an approach to your pet, then the team will grasp it on the fly, but you can achieve this only by caress, but not by force. This is the nature of Pekingese. Care for Pekingese should also be very delicate, otherwise you can offend the proud creature.

Pekingese is very self-willed.He will prove by any means what he will decide when to eat, sleep or walk. To break him down to a man is beyond his power, it is only wise to lead that all this is done within the limits of what is permitted, only then you will have a happy Pekingese. The character of the Pekingese is distinguished by boldness bordering on recklessness. He will calmly attack the dog, ten times larger than it. Therefore, it is necessary to socialize from an early age, but still it is necessary to follow it on the site.

Self-esteem does not allow himcalmly endure any tiskanye, this is not a crocheted "ottoman". Therefore, they do not get along well with children. The brutality and use of force react aggression, so here you have to be very careful. The best method of punishment will be ignoring, because Pekingese does not like loneliness.

features of the contents of Pekingese care and health

Care for luxurious wool

This is the very first thing to worry about ifyou have a Pekingese. Care and maintenance are reduced to daily combing with a soft brush. A long "skirt" needs to go through a comb with sparse teeth, and remove the coils with their hands, and if necessary, cut the tangled tangle from below. Regular haircut is not required, but if you are tired of caring for the hair, then you can shave it shortly by the summer.

Periodic bathing (about once a month) andhygiene of intimate places - this is another peculiarity of the content of Pekingese. Care and health are not possible without keeping the pet clean, and after each toilet on the wool stick particles of natural waste, on which cling to dust and dirt. For these purposes, you should always have a shampoo at home for long-haired dogs. Wool must be dried with a hair dryer and combed. Keep in mind that after bathing, the coat becomes softer for a while, and the "hairdo" loses its shape. Therefore, you should not bathe on the eve of the exhibition.

Separate care is required by his face, on whichthe remains of food are constantly collected. They need to be removed with a velvet rag. This rule applies to the coat on the chest and ears. This is how a handsome Pekingese should live. Care and maintenance require time, but if it does not, why start a dog?

care of Pekingese content

Content Rules

All the beauty of a dog is her hair, so you needgive her special attention. This is another point, why we so often see in the courtyard of Pekingese with a very modest "apparel". Here we are talking not only about the purity of the breed, but also the lack of stay in the fresh air. It is regular walks in any weather that allow a dog to wear a thick, beautiful undercoat that makes it look like a royal cloud.

There is another point that determines the care for him.The content of Pekingese should not be carried out in an apartment where the air temperature exceeds 20 degrees. In a stuffy, hot room, the dog can overheat and get a heat stroke. Place the plugs on the batteries and adjust the heat input. Another sore spot is the eyes. They are prone to a number of different diseases, so visit your veterinarian regularly.

Pekingese and care for it


They are very small dogs, they do not need muchcalories, and they can use it to choose only the most delicious bits. Thick coat allows him not to spend energy on thermoregulation, so he can do without food all day and night. This "hunger strike" forces the owner to give him the most tasty bits. From the very first day, take for a rule not to give anything from your table, except sour-milk products, vegetables and fruits. Everything salty, sweet, smoked is contraindicated. You can use ready-made food, for Pekingese they do not need too much.

Pekingese character of Pekingese

Health and disease

In general, this is a fairly healthy dog.Home pet Pekingese and caring for him - it's endless caress, care and love, only so you can build a harmonious relationship with him. Do not forget that bad atmosphere has a big impact on health. One should not forget about vaccinations - they are necessary to provide protection from the most serious diseases. The first vaccination is carried out at 8 weeks. The second in two weeks. The third is advised to hold after the change of teeth, and then come on inoculation once a year. Do not let the pet jump from high objects, sofas and armchairs, this is also an important part, which is the care for Pekingese. The content in the apartment is convenient because of the small size, but before reaching full maturity on the street you should carry the dog on your hands so that there is no deformation of the skeleton.

character of Pekingese care of Pekingese


Despite the fact that this is not a security breed,Pekingese must know the basic commands. It: "To me!", "To stand!", "To lie!", "To sit!". They are necessary in order to protect your pet during walks. Begin the lessons as soon as possible, from the first day, as the baby has appeared with you. If you are going to exhibit, then you should work out the movement in a straight line, pick up the pace at which all the beauty of the Pekingese movement is revealed. This will allocate it when running around the ring. Do not use force when training, otherwise you will achieve the opposite result.