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How to care for a Yorkshire terrier so that he wins at exhibitions

how to care for a yorkshire terrier

Yorkshire Terrier is a small decorativedog. Most often it is given to participate in exhibitions, because this breed has a very long and beautiful coat. And many owners, planting a puppy, are wondering: how to care for a Yorkshire terrier to win at the shows?

The main thing at the exhibition is the condition of the dog's fur. Therefore, the puppy should be taught how to take care of her as soon as possible. While your pet is still small, use a soft brush for combing so that he gets used to it. Then you will need different combs: frequent and with rare teeth, as well as massage brushes. The condition of your dog's coat depends on proper and regular care: bathing, combing and feeding.

How to care for a Yorkshire terrier so that itwool was beautiful? Unlike other breeds, these dogs need to bathe every 7-10 days. For this, it is best to use special shampoos, but you can even take a remedy intended for people. Before bathing, you need to comb the dog to untangle and remove all the coils and wool. Then it should be well moistened with water and soap with shampoo. Flush it with a lot of water.

yorkshire terrier care and feeding

For dogs participating in exhibitions, it is recommended thatUse even balms that improve the condition of the coat. A wet dog needs to be wrapped in a towel or puffed with a hair dryer, only with cool air. Do not rub the wet hair and comb immediately.

How to care for a Yorkshire terrier afterbathing? Be sure to comb the dog when it dries. It is recommended to use the conditioner to not deliver to the pet unpleasant sensations and to not tear out a wool. For dogs participating in exhibitions, you still need to spread it with special oil to make it shine, and wind on special papillotki. It is necessary that the dog's hair can reach the required length without causing it any inconvenience.

Yorkshire terrier

A dog that requires a lot of attention and a lottime to care for the hair, is the Yorkshire Terrier. Care and feeding should be carefully monitored, because yorkshire - the dogs are very tender and painful. They react sharply to malnutrition or stale food, are easily infected and often get sick. To prevent this, you need to know how to care for the Yorkshire terrier. The condition of the dog's hair strongly depends on the quality of the food. Therefore, carefully choose the suitable food for your pet and give him mineral top dressing.

It is recommended to wash the dog's eyes regularlyboiled water and clean the ears. There are special haircuts for these dogs, and the owner should know how long the coat should be on the ears and paws. Do not forget to cut your claws and cut the hair between your fingers.

The yorkshire yorkshire terrier is also important for his health and successful exhibition career. For this, choose dogs from famous nurseries, and you can earn on breeding.

Although care for the Yorkshire terrier is quite complicated, but communicating with this sweet, intelligent and faithful dog pays all the effort.