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Riddle of the book: encrypted folk wisdom

Riddles teach a child to think and analyze,improve diction and memory. Riddles on the theme "book" are also useful in that they give the child to understand how great the wisdom contained on paper pages. They stimulate interest in the printed word, instill love for him from a young age.

riddle about the book

Who speaks in silence?

Riddles appeared long ago, when a personmany phenomena of nature were still incomprehensible. Then a "secret language" appeared, which was able to turn into an enigma any object or event in the life of people. Now it's a verbal game, a trick question and a puzzle at the same time, but they still point to the essence of things.

With leaves, but not a bush,

Sewn, but not a shirt,

He says, but not man.

The riddle of the book can be very wise and poetic at once. Here is such a vivid example:

In paper birds

Hundreds of wings - pages.

There are simple, but no less meaningful and deep in the sense of the mystery created by the talented Russian people:

Without language, and everything will tell.

Itself is small, but has given the mind.

Rhymed Jigsaw Puzzle

The riddle of the book is a storehouse of folk wisdom. Very often such riddles can be presented in the form of a short verse:

From a paper palace,

There lives a sage.

Generously treats with knowledge

Everyone who visits it.

riddles on the theme book

It is important that the child is able to guess theirhimself, without the advice of parents. At the age of three he listens with pleasure to the magical stories that adults read to him, he considers colorful illustrations and probably managed to spoil the appearance of several books, so the kid will understand such a riddle about the book:

Pleases with colors

And fairy tales.

When razlohmatytsya,

We will glue her on the dress.


I know everything, I will teach everyone,

But I keep quiet, I always keep quiet.

To make us friends,

You need to know all the letters.

There are riddles more complex, which are designed for children of primary school age. For example,

She speaks without sound,

But boredom is not friends with her.

Speak more often with her -

You'll be five times wiser.

If the riddle of the book is very like, then the childwill want to learn it by heart and with an expression to tell grandma, grandfather, teacher and friends in kindergarten or school. Thanks to the rhymed lines the baby will learn to feel the beauty of native speech.

The importance of the book in people's lives

proverbs and riddles about books

Mankind has long valued a book. The ancient books were protected and transmitted through the generations as a great value. In troubled times they were burned at the stake, because they were afraid of the power and truth contained in them. The merit of the printed word in the development of civilization can not be overestimated, and numerous proverbs and riddles about books serve as proof of this. Here are some vivid examples of folk art:

Books to read - everything in the world to know.

Gold is searched in the earth, and knowledge is in books.

The book is the key to science.

The best gift is a book.

With the book to be friends - do not grieve for a hundred years.

That the kid became inquisitive, active,Do not neglect riddles and proverbs about books. The riddle is the best means of development for the child. At home or on the way to kindergarten, train with her help the memory, imagination and logical thinking of the baby. A good and wise mystery is always right.