/ / Ural Rex: description, character, care. Rare breeds of cats

Ural Rex: description, character, care. Rare breeds of cats

When planting pets, people choose an animal,different from their fellow citizens (if, of course, they have the financial means to do so). The desire to stand out by the presence in the house of an unusual specimen supports and stimulates breeding activities, as a result of which all new rare breeds of cats appear. Despite their high cost, and sometimes on the complexity of care, fans of the purr buy them willingly. Often you have to register in queue and wait for the cherished kitten for months. Among all the breeds excreted is the Ural Rex. It has not only a non-standard appearance, but also attractive behavioral features, which makes it very attractive for those wishing to have a cat at home.

Ural Rex

Rare breeds of cats

Despite the fact that the Urals rex is an officially recognized breed, it is not yet widely spread. It can be safely put on the list of rare lines, which includes:

  1. Munchkins - cats with short paws.The characteristic feature was not deduced intentionally, but became a fixed consequence of the mutations. In the world are known under the title of "cat-kangaroo" for the manner of sitting - and for a long time - on the hind legs.
  2. Toygers - a new breed, whose color exactly reflects the tiger color. The standard was approved only in 2003.
  3. Elves are cats that resemble aliens, almost hairless, with crooked, turned ears.
  4. Mencks, received the name from the Isle of Man, where they were taken out. Cats are tailless from birth; some may have a very short process.
  5. Lapernes are Oregon curly cats. The ancestor of the breed was the kitten Kurly, born in the 80's of the last century.

Each rare breed has its own distinctive feature. This applies to "Ural", which we will talk about a little later.

rare breeds of cats

Origin of the breed

The Urals Rex can boast first of alloriginality of formation of the breed. It was not intentionally withdrawn as a result of decades of breeding and did not result from any mutation. The breed belongs to the so-called aboriginal people, that is, it has developed by itself, and people have only consolidated the line they liked. A fairly large population of domestic cats with curly hair in the Urals existed in the pre-war years. During the war, they almost disappeared, although some individuals appeared and were registered in the 60's. The Ural Rex breed has been revived since 1988, when the cat Vasiliy was born, bearing a rare curly gene. It was in Zarechensk, where he came from, that a close study, cultivation and improvement of the breed began. In August 2006, it was recognized by the WCF General Assembly in the German city of Essen. Around the same time, the Ural Rex as an independent breed was recognized by other felinological systems - MFA and FARUS.

Ural Rex breed

Characteristic uniqueness

A distinctive feature of the breed was the unusualanimal hair. The cat of the Urals rex has a curl that is not marked in any other breed, with elastic corrugation and a shallow step between the waves. In addition, the hair in the "urals" hypoallergenic (and it is because of allergies to it, many regretfully forced to abandon the idea of ​​making a house a purring pet). Another feature of the Ural Rex is non-standard molting. The cat does not lose hair constantly, forcing the owners to regular cleaning. Her lumps remain only on a constant bed or comb during the change of cover.

Another nice feature, which the Ural Rexadvantageously differs from artificially derived breeds - exceptional health and unpretentiousness. There are no genetic diseases, not characteristic for this line, - animals are as close to nature as possible, and usually they do not bring trouble with treatment to the owners.

cat the Urals rex

Breed Standard

According to the description presented in felinological systems, the Urals rex must meet the following requirements:

  1. In size, refer to the middle category, the torso should have a rounded and corresponding proportions, the thorax should be rounded, well-developed and developed.
  2. The head should have an outline of a short rounded wedge, the forehead slightly smoothed; in the profile of the muzzle, too, should have rounded outlines, with a strong but not prominent chin.
  3. Ears are triangular, with equal sides, mostly small, moderate in size. The delivery is high and straight, the upper tip is rounded.
  4. The eyes are almond-shaped, slightly slanting, widely set. Any colour.
  5. Legs along the length of the middle, rather slender than strong.
  6. The tail is also medium, not very wide at the base and markedly tapering towards the tip.

As for color, there are few restrictions. Denied cynamon, chocolate and any of their shades. Burmese and points are also not recognized.

cat reviews

Maintenance and care

The Ural Rex is good because it does notrequires no special worries. The structure of his coat is such that to maintain it in a presentable form it is enough just to iron the cat. During moulting, daily combing is required. But even if you miss sessions, no collars are formed (in contrast, for example, from the Persians).

The inexperienced owner of "Ural" should remember thatTo bathe a cat it is necessary whenever possible less often - a skin at it thin, easily dries up. From frequent wetting, the loss of the wool coat can begin. However, knowing how much the cats "love" water procedures, such a restriction is only a joy.

The nature of "Ural"

In the behavioral plan, the breed canbe considered simply angels. They are non-aggressive, balanced and flexible. Urals do not have conflicts with other animals, they are patient with children, sensitive to the moods of family members and react to them in the right way, without remaining indifferent. Cats of this breed are playful and mobile, affectionate, but without obsession. Each of the owners, having evaluated the temperament of his cat, reviews leave only positive. Especially the owners of the Urals rex are noted for their silence. Murchat they are willing, but the cat's concerts are not satisfied even in the period of unfulfilled rut. Because of this, animals are not sterilized, even if they are not breeding.

Ural Rex Kittens

Where can I buy "urala"

Since the breed is new, it is still small andlittle common. The greatest choice is offered by Yekaterinburg with its surroundings. In Moscow, if you are interested in the Urals rex, kittens are sold in the kennel "Uralochka", there are breeders in St. Petersburg, Sevastopol, Volgograd and Perm. In the far abroad good quality kittens can be bought in German Dresden.

A good kitten with a pedigree, depending online and class, costs from 300 to 1000 dollars. Cats are traditionally priced cheaper than cats. If you are satisfied with culling in color (well, do not intend to breed, just like the breed), then you can buy a pet of thousands for seven rubles.