/ / The Bullfinch Costume is very easy to make!

The bullfighter costume is very simple!

Once in any of the many children'seducational institutions are approaching matinee, parents are given the task of preparing a carnival costume. Today, of course, you can buy it in the store, but it happens that not everything is so simple. For example, for the New Year is very relevant is a bullfighter's costume, while selling such a thing is almost impossible to find.

Bullfinch costume

Exit one! The bullfighter's costume must be sewn by yourself. Having spent quite a bit of time, the mother of the needlewoman can help her child look very bright and original.

Bullfinch Costume: we use satin ribbons

In order to get an interesting elegant dress, much is not needed. The bullfighter costume can consist only of a raincoat, shorts with a tail, breast-toad and ribbon, put on the head.

First you need to make a pattern.The cloak is an ordinary semicircle equal in diameter to the size of the baby's arms. It is cut out on a newspaper or wallpaper, after which it is transferred to a satin material. From the top on the raincoat are sewn ribbons of different colors and shades. There, where there will be wrists, are inserted thin gum, as a result, with the rise of hands will rise so-called wings.

a bullfighter's costume for a boy
The breast is made of red satin for the sameprinciple. Together with the cloak, it is attached to the same satin ribbon, which will be tied to the side of the bow. With shorts it's still easier. To them you just need to sew a tail of the same ribbons. And the last moment. To the tape worn on the head, you need to glue or sew the cut out eyes. To do this, go cardboard, fabric or buttons.

Can you sew? With a suit you will consult!

You can turn your attention to another option.For the basis of the suit, black trousers and a turtleneck suit. Next, a red breast is made of dense tissue. She is fastened to the turtleneck with a few buttons. To the breast is attached a satin bow-tie.

The next step is making wings. They can be sewn from a light thin fabric. Wings are attached to the sleeves of the sweatshirt and the back of the neck.

The head can be sewn tight, but stretchinga cap of four wedges - front black and three red. Here, eyes are attached from large buttons from a coat and a cardboard beak, covered with a brown cloth.

In a word, any mother who can hold a thread with a needle or handle a sewing machine will be able to sew a bullfinch suit.

a bull-calf suit

We use felt and feathers

What can you think of yet to create an original outfit? The bullfighter costume for a boy can be made using real feathers!

For this, a ready-made ordinary waistcoat is taken.It is sewn on a gray felt back, red breast and black wings. Why this material? It's easy to attach large feathers to felt easily. A collar is put on the neck. A felt hat with eyes and a beak is sewn on the head.

Nothing complicated!

Thus, to make a bullfighter's costume hisWith one of the above methods, it will not be difficult for anyone. Just a little time and patience - and your child will be the brightest and most unique, the most beautiful, the most unusual character on the festive matinee! And do not have to puzzle your head over where to buy an inexpensive but stylish suit. You will perfectly cope with this yourself!

Beautiful cape-wings, a pretty cap witheyes and beak, red breast - and the suit is ready! By the way, do not forget that from your own creation, both you and your child will get a lot of fun! Connect to his creation and the baby. He will be proud of that, although a little, but still helped you! Be sure, working together on this masterpiece will also help bring you closer, and with great interest spend your time.