/ / Thanksgiving in the US or "fruitful" thanks to Americans

Thanksgiving in the US or "fruitful" thanks to Americans

Each nation without a share of boasting is prouda huge number of their traditional holidays. Some of them were borrowed from the cultures of other peoples, some originated in the process of formation and development of the sraana, the rest were grafted by local aborigines. The last point is particularly significant for countries that were formed as a result of colonization. Such a holiday can rightly be considered a Thanksgiving Day in the USA.

Thanksgiving day in the usa

The origins of this popular celebration liea foundation on which the United States of America has stood for a long time and is growing stronger than the giant of the independence of the American continent. The history of this holiday begins with the history of the development of the state, from the time when the first colonizers landed on the lands of the brave Indians. It was then, in 1620, a severe winter was not spared by the huge number of gentlemen from the Old World.

The remaining poor fellows struggled to survive. In this they helped the compassionate Indians, who taught the colonizers to sow pumpkins, corn and make popular maple syrup. Having received the first harvest, the chief conqueror William Bradford proposed to mark this event with a three-day festival. This is how the Thanksgiving Day appeared in the USA.

Thanksgiving United States

The next year turned out to be arid, and the old-worldsociety that conquered the vastness of America, prayed to all the gods, asking them for the next year of heavenly moisture - rain. And their prayers were heard. Therefore, the second grand celebration of the harvest took place in 1622. Since then, it has become a wonderful tradition to celebrate Thanksgiving. The United States and its inhabitants met this holiday, not observing a certain date. The first US president, George Washington became (he is also portrayed on a one-dollar bill), declared this celebration national. However, to establish the exact time of the celebration was possible only to its sixteenth heir - Abraham Lincoln, who offered to celebrate Thanksgiving Day in the US on the last Thursday of November. It was in 1863, and since this event has never changed its traditions.

Thanksgiving in Russia

Usually this day begins with a campaign to the church. At the same time, the holiday is considered to be exclusively a family celebration, gathering, sometimes, at the same table, relatives from all corners of the vast world. Invariable and the main guest of the festive dinner is a baked turkey. The most interesting for citizens of the post-Soviet space is the question of why this bird is still. There are several hypotheses about the origin of this tradition. According to one of the versions, at the first festive table organized in honor of this celebration, the invited Indians brought as a treat roasted carcass of these birds. At the moment nothing has changed: as in the distant 1620, the turkey is accompanied by a pumpkin pie and maple syrup.

Thanksgiving day in the usa

Thanksgiving in the US is not just about homegatherings by the fireplace, but grandiose costumed performances on the streets of every locality in the country. It is also worth noting that on this holiday the President of the States symbolically releases a turkey, stored for cooking, at will. The beginning of this tradition dates back to the time of the reign of John F. Kennedy.

This is probably the most national and most American holiday. Therefore it is not surprising that Thanksgiving Day is not celebrated in Russia.