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How to educate a boy correctly in the first years of his life

It often happens that parents want to have a girlor a boy. But often they think about the differences in the educational process, which depend on the sex of the child? But how to educate a boy, how to grow a real man out of him, is a complex and multifaceted question.

So the baby was born

How to raise a boy

When my son was born, one of the first tasksis to give him a real man's name. In this case, psychologists do not recommend giving double names, such as Eugene, Valentine or Julius. Blue color in clothes does not play a serious role in the formation of masculinity. This is most likely a necessity for parents, they thereby signal to others that a real man is growing up in a family.

The first year of life

Education of children in Islam
Approximately to the end of the first year of lifeparents who have pondered over the question of how to educate the boy correctly will notice that their baby loves to quarrel. Thus, he manifests his "I", shows his independence. Specialists called these manifestations "the crisis of the first year." During this period, not only the character of the little son is actively formed, but also his purposefulness, independence and even self-esteem. How to behave to parents in this situation? We must try to be as calm as possible to these manifestations. Do not try to break the character of the baby, in communication with him help patience and affection. At this age, boys need caress and tenderness no less than girls, respectively, a kiss or hugs will not harm the formation of a future man. It is not for nothing that the upbringing of children in Islam does not distinguish between them at this age on the basis of gender: here boys and girls are equal to each other. At the same time, it is not necessary for a little boy to let himself be roped: rooted authority should support your love and care. But here too it is better to know the measure, since the kid needs self-affirmation, so ignoring his desires, requests in the future can play a bad joke with you.
Spiritual development of children
Psychologists recommend parents who arethe question of how to educate a boy correctly, do not use asexual "baby", "lapul" when referring to his son ... The optimal variant will be to come up with appeals that emphasize his gender, for example "my defender", "son", "hero" and other .

Boys over the age of three

At about three years, parents will notice that the babybecame independent. At this age, the child studies the interaction between people, learns to understand what is bad and what is good. It is in this time interval that the boy has a tendency to communicate more with men, to be brave, strong and courageous. Right now, the most correct for parents who ask themselves "how to raise a boy" will give the right guidelines, to show the most typical behavioral patterns for a male (certainly positive). A mother who aspires to raise a "knight", it is necessary to see in him, above all, a small man, choosing for himself the position of the weaker sex. For the self-esteem of the boy it will be useful to consult with him, and also let him be strong (for example, to show that without his help you would surely fall). And remember that the spiritual upbringing of children begins at a time when parents give them the opportunity to understand that they are full members of the family.