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How to make Meincraft from Lego: tips and tricks

Meincraft is a computer game.This is a kind of designer. In it, you can collect any object that the imagination wants. Recently, a cult game from the screens of monitors moved to offline. On sale appeared licensed Lego Meincraft (sets). Now 40 million PC-game fans have the opportunity to collect the amazing world of Steve, creepers and endermen.

How to make a maynraft from Lego

Meincraft from Lego

If you just click on one computerfinger to build entire cities, to build a real toy Lego Maincraft will have to use the full potential of fine motor skills - 10 fingers. And, probably, several people. The beauty of Lego-toys lies in tactile sensations, in the ability to manipulate objects, and to set the rules of the game themselves. But to find yourself in the Lego universe of Maincraft, you need to go through 4 stages:

  1. Choose from a variety of sets and purchase the desired designer.
  2. Carefully open the package. Lay out the details on a flat surface to quickly find the desired object.
  3. To study the instruction how to make Meinkraft from Lego.
  4. Assemble the kit.

lego maincraft sets

Package Contents

In each package, the designer mustthere is a detailed instruction. If absent, the buyer in the right of purchase to exchange. The instruction can be a color booklet or a mini book. Small parts are stored in a transparent plastic bag or plastic boxes.

The most important rule of toy manufacturers -safety of children. In a conspicuous place of packing there is information that tells you from what age it is recommended to use a toy. If "10+" is written, then children of 10 years and older can safely create the world of Mayncraft. Also the numbers indicate the level of complexity.

The scale of the created world is easy to learn by the number of details. It is indicated on the front side of the box, next to the age restrictions. For example: "480 pcs / Stck / pzs / db".

toys lego meinkraft

We collect Lego according to the instructions

The easiest way is to assemble the kit according to the instructions. It describes step by step how to make Meinkraft from Lego. Each action is numbered in order. In addition, the quantity of each kind of parts is indicated.

Assembly begins with point number 1.These elements are taken and connected according to the figure. For the convenience of visual perception in the drawings, details of Lego are displayed in different colors. The direction of the connection is often indicated by arrows.

Having mastered the first point, pass to the second,third and subsequent. The sequence can not be violated. One paragraph may contain several actions. In this case, the picture should be understandable even to the child. If reading is difficult, it is not shameful to consult with adults how to make Meinkraft from Lego.

The designer requires careful adjustment of the blocks.Details must be pressed to the limit, otherwise the resulting design will be distorted, disproportionate. In addition to blocks of various shapes, the Lego Maincraft series may have pins - cruciform sticks. They connect the individual parts of the toy into a single world. That is, the game can be purchased in parts, attaching to the already assembled structure.

Maincraft without instructions

How to make Meinkraft from Lego without anyinstructions? Easily! It's much more interesting to create Steve's world without any hints, at your discretion. The principle of connecting blocks is the same. When assembling it is necessary to select the details of suitable dimensions. It is especially important to observe the proportions in height. If one section is lower than the other, then the transverse bar will skew, do not securely connect these sections.

With free planning of any detailsnot to be missed. Due to Lego standards, they can be borrowed from other sets. There are designers of other brands (for example, Brick), suitable in size.

Since there are no prompts, before workit is desirable to sort the parts. Long fastening straps separately, high cubes separately and so on. Will not prevent additional sorting by color. This will help create a harmoniously beautiful world, or vice versa - chaotically diverse.