/ Is it possible to experience orgasms during pregnancy?

Is it possible to have orgasms during pregnancy?

For a harmonious relationship in the family should not beobstacles in sexual life. However, the "interesting" position of a woman makes you change priorities and think about whether orgasms are dangerous during pregnancy. Considering the huge number of myths and prejudices, it is worth taking a closer look at this topic.

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The concept of

It begins with what an orgasm is.Orgasm is the peak of sexual pleasure. And his physiological characteristics differ depending on sex. In men, it has a short and piciform character, in women it is longer and wavy.

Orgasm occurs with mechanical stimulationcertain erogenous zones, most often during sex. As the body of a woman is more rich in their number, female orgasms come in several forms, each of which causes different sensations. But does the danger of orgasm depend on it during pregnancy? To open the question, you need to briefly familiarize yourself with the physiology of the body.

Physiology of orgasm

While it does not reach sexual problemslife, few people think about what happens to the body during orgasm. It is the physiology of this phenomenon that explains the greater part of the prohibitions to experience orgasm during pregnancy.

What happens to the body during orgasm:

  • The breathing becomes more frequent.
  • Increases the heart rate (an average of 180 beats per second).
  • Appears shortness of breath.
  • Possible redness of the body and face.
  • Pelvic muscles contract.
  • Increases blood pressure.

Employment of sex, including orgasm, maximizes the burden on the heart. That's why it is often compared with sports cardio-perfusion.

orgasm during pregnancy

Types of female orgasm

Arguing about the dangers of orgasms during pregnancy,it should be remembered that they are available to women in its three manifestations. For a full sexual life it is enough to test at least one of them, otherwise the conclusion about serious problems in sexual life arises.

Orgasm happens:

  • clitoral;
  • vaginal;
  • uterine.

The vast majority of women are familiar only withclitoral orgasm. And this is not surprising. Scientists themselves have not completely figured out whether there are two other species. Some of them completely deny, others lead all possible arguments in favor of vaginal and uterine orgasm. However, the truth lies only in the sensations of the woman herself.

The influence of orgasm on the body of a pregnant woman

When women experience an orgasm during pregnancy,the organism undergoes physical exertion. It is not dangerous for absolutely healthy women. But for those who have a difficult pregnancy, the physiological aspects of orgasm can become an obstacle.

As an orgasm affects the body of a pregnant woman:

  • Promotes increased blood pressure.
  • Heart palpitations.
  • It is accompanied by the inflow of blood to the genitals and uterus.
  • It provokes contractions of the uterine and vaginal muscles.
  • Stimulates the production of endorphins.
  • Improves the psycho-emotional state of a woman.
pregnancy can be an orgasm

Orgasm during pregnancy: the arguments for

Hormonal changes in the body of a woman inthe time of pregnancy lead to increased libido. Because of this, sexual desire intensifies many times, unless, of course, there are side effects of an "interesting" situation, such as toxicosis.

Excitement, as in men and women,should always find a discharge. Otherwise, it can provoke blood stasis in the pelvic organs and cause unpleasant symptoms, such as drawing pain, numbness of the limbs, discomfort in the lower abdomen.

Many doctors believe that you can experience orgasm. Pregnancy is not a disease, so why should a woman deny herself the pleasure? And here is the list of arguments supporting this position:

  1. Experiencing an orgasm, women unconsciously trainmuscles of the uterus. With vaginal and clitoral orgasms, the uterine muscles begin to contract intensively, becoming stronger and becoming more elastic. In the future, trained muscles will facilitate quick and easy delivery.
  2. During an orgasm in a woman's body, a hormone of joy is produced. This helps to improve the well-being of the pregnant woman, increase the motor activity of the fetus and improve its blood circulation.
  3. Thanks to increased libido, caution andtenderness, which is required when having sex in an "interesting" position, the sexual life of partners goes to a new, better level. At numerous interrogations the women admitted, that they have tested the first orgasm just during pregnancy.
  4. Increased libido is noted not only inpregnant women, but also with their partners. The fact is that the figure of the girls in this period is changing - it becomes more feminine and elegant, which, undoubtedly, does not remain unnoticed by their beloved.

Because of the extra sensitivity of the genital organs inthe time of pregnancy, which is due to increased blood circulation in the pelvic region, women may experience an involuntary orgasm. There are cases when pregnant women experienced a peak of pleasure, being in a dream, with complete absence of stimulation of erogenous zones.

orgasm in a dream during pregnancy

Knowing one side of the question, one can not confidently answer whether an orgasm can be tested during pregnancy. Therefore, it is necessary to study a different point of view.

The danger of orgasm for a pregnant woman

Sex, and orgasm in particular, is dangerous for a womanOnly in the event that there are contraindications to this. When pregnancy proceeds normally, without any pathologies, sexual satisfaction can not harm neither the woman nor the child.

Doctors, arguing about whether or not an orgasm is harmful during pregnancy, most often mention the following contraindications:

  • threat of spontaneous miscarriage;
  • presence of cases of miscarriage in the patient's card;
  • low attachment of the placenta;
  • multiplicity;
  • placenta previa
  • presence of diseases and infections, sexually transmitted infections.

Given that the first trimester is the most dangerous forfetus, we can say that the orgasm in the early stages of pregnancy is contraindicated. The same applies to the last months of gestation because of the risk of premature birth.

Obstetricians-gynecologists recommend having sex only just before or after the expected date of delivery as a natural stimulant of labor.

the effect of orgasm on the fetus

Influence of orgasm on the fetus

Many couples refuse sex because of fearsharm the child. And the initiators are most often men who overestimate the fragility of women and children during pregnancy. However, such fears are in vain.

Nature ordered that the fetus hasmaximum protection from external factors. It is surrounded by amniotic fluid, thick walls of the uterus, a mucous stopper, which protects against infections. Therefore, during traditional sex, the child only feels light wiggles. However, from the more severe forms of its manifestation, all the same it should be abandoned.

During orgasm, the blood in the body of a womanbegins to intensively enter the genitals and uterus. Together, she carries oxygen and nutrient compounds that are delivered to the placenta. In addition, orgasm is accompanied by the production of endorphins, which also has a beneficial effect on the baby.

Sexual life during pregnancy

When is it safer to have an orgasm during pregnancy?

The safest period for a sexual life -second trimester of pregnancy. It is by the 12th week that the fetus is firmly attached to the walls of the uterus and begins to actively develop. In addition, by this time, unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy also go away: toxicosis, chest pain, etc.

After numerous surveys in the firsttrimester, a verdict is also made regarding the risk group that a pregnant woman can relate to. This can serve different reasons: polyhydramnios, various pathologies and diseases. Therefore, recommendations for sexual life are carried out exclusively individually, based on the physical and emotional state of the pregnant woman.

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If the health of women and the fetus is not threatened,and doctors gave their approval for the conduct of sexual activity, do not deny yourself the pleasure. After all, this is important not only for the couple, but also for the child. A happy mother is much better than a worried, self-limiting woman.