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How to make the lessons of the child without hysterics and screaming?

Parents of schoolchildrenwith a situation where the child does not want to do the lessons. He is ready to do anything, not just his homework. Often, these moments lead to stressful situations in the family. Mom and Dad begin to worry, nervous about this. Excitement is transmitted to the child, and depression occurs. Psychologists advise not to allow such situations. To do this, you need to know how to make the lessons of the child, so that the process is interesting and entertaining. The whole methods and complex of measures are developed, which we will talk about in the article.

how to make a child do the lessons on their own

Do not be sorry for the first-graders

Many parents are tormented by the question:"How to make the lessons of the child?" Remember: to teach your child to do homework without hysteria is necessary from the first class. From the very beginning it is necessary to let the child know that the educational process has begun, now he has compulsory tasks with which he must cope on his own.

It is important for parents to prepare andadapt the crumb to a new stage in his life. Even during the holidays, it is necessary to equip the place for the lessons, adjust the regime. After the training process has started, you need:

  1. Hanging the school schedule in a prominent place,so that the child can make his own schedule. Do not forget to specify the time of visiting the circles and sections. The first couple can not do without the help of the parents. You do not need to decide everything for the child. Take a pencil and a notebook, make a detailed plan indicating the time for doing homework, walking in the fresh air, watching TV, playing at the computer.

  2. Never do the lessons for a child. Even if something does not work out for him, better once again to explain the rules, ask suggestive questions, hint, prompt.

  3. Try to strictly observe the regime from day to day, so that the child is drawn into the process. Retreat from the schedule only in difficult situations (health problems, urgent matters and so on).

  4. Explain to the child that school is work. And only on it depends on what the result will be.

Parents often regret first-graders, considering themsmall. But the educational process is built in such a way that all the age opportunities of the kids are taken into account. Do not worry and think that your child has overworked, because if from the first days of schooling you do not accustom your schoolchild to doing homework, in the future the question of how to make the child's lessons will necessarily pop up.

how to make the lessons of the child

Draft is your friend

After the child began to attend school,the question arises as to how to properly do homework with him. Teachers recommend using drafts without fail. This will save time for the child. Write essays, solve examples and problems in a separate notebook. After this, it is necessary for the parents to check what they have written. Only after this can be transferred to the clean.

In the draft the child can correct mistakes, do not ask to rewrite it several times. For this, we need a similar notebook.

Answering the question about how to do it correctlylessons with the child, it is necessary to be guided by the rules of psychologists and remember that up to the 5th grade children are not plodding, attention is absent-minded. After 20-30 minutes of doing the lessons, it is worth doing a small five-minute break. The mistake of the parents is not to let the children out of the table for 2-3 hours.

Why the child does not want to do the lessons. We find out the reasons

From many children you can hear the phrase thatthey do not want to do their homework. In this situation, the logical question arises: "How to make a child do lessons without scandals?" First, we need to find out the reasons why he refuses to do them. In fact, they are not so much:

  1. Natural laziness.Unfortunately, there are children who have a similar phenomenon. But there are very few of them. If you know that some processes (reading books, fun games, watching cartoons, drawing, etc.) for a long time carry the baby, then the problem is clearly not lazy.

  2. Afraid of failure.This is one of the most common reasons, especially if before there were situations in which adults behaved incorrectly. Suppose a strict teacher chastised the whole class for an error, or her parents were scolded for a bad mark. You can not do this. Otherwise, it will affect the further learning and success of the child.

  3. The child did not fully master the subject. This problem is especially acute for first-graders and high school students. It is necessary to make every effort to ensure that the child understands the material.

  4. Lack of parental attention.It would seem, how the failure of the lessons can be reconciled with the love of Mom and Dad? Psychologists find this a direct link. Thus, children try to attract attention to themselves and cause at least some feelings. As a rule, similar situations occur in the families of workaholics. The way out of this story is one - as often as possible to praise the baby and say that you are proud of him.

  5. The process itself seems to the child uninteresting,This is especially true of first-graders, who are accustomed to perceive only in the form of games. The task of parents and teachers is to adapt the kids as soon as possible to learning.

Before asking a question, how to teach a childdo the lessons, you need to find out the reason why he refuses to do his homework. If you can not cope on your own, you should seek the help of a specialist. He will recommend arranging a family council, and already on it to discuss the possible cause and unwillingness of the child to learn. And here the main thing is to find the right behavior for adults: do not shout, but constructively conduct a dialogue.

how to teach a child to do lessons on their own

What if the child does not understand the subject

With all the above problemsNon-fulfillment of lessons for parents can be managed independently. But what about the situation when a child simply does not understand the subject, or is he given it hard? Psychologists say that adults solve this problem independently, simply performing difficult tasks for children. Thus, they aggravate the situation even more.

The only correct solution is to hire a teacher or a tutor. Do not feel sorry for the money, just a few individual lessons to help the child deal with a difficult topic.

 how to make a child do homework without scandals

Do I need help learning the lessons?

Some children do everything to remove themselvesresponsibility for the implementation of lessons. For this they pretend that they are sick, overworked, asking parents to help them. Of course, they agree, but do not understand that the child grabs them "on the hook." It is worth several times to succumb to the trick, and this scheme will work constantly.

To answer the question of how to teach a child to do lessons on their own, it is necessary to analyze the following situations:

  • how often the kid resorts to your help;

  • How long had he been ill;

  • in what class does the child walk.

If he often resorts to your help, at the same timelittle sick, and even a high school student, you just need to explain to him that from now on he does his homework on his own. But before such a situation it is better not to bring, but from the first class to teach the child to do the lessons himself.

how to teach a child to do lessons on their own

We accustom the child to independence

The question of how to get a child to do homeworkindependently, pops up at parents often enough. If, with the help of adults, a schoolboy still tries to solve problems somehow, then one can not cope. Against this background, there are scandals and squabbles, which only aggravate the situation.

First of all, it is necessary to try to explain to the child,that further study enrollment depends on his studies. The better the success, the more likely to get into a prestigious institution. Never do lessons for a schoolboy. Maximum than you can help - to clarify this or that rule.

Do not constantly monitor the process,it is enough to check the draft and the clean copy. This is the only way to develop independence in children. You need to start this from the first days of study, and then in the future you will not have a question: "How to teach a child to do lessons on their own?"

Do I need a monetary reward?

Recently, a newa way to encourage children for good grades in school. The prize is money. Thus, they are sure that the student will try harder, to carry out the lessons on their own. Psychologists say that this is a huge mistake. There should not be a monetary relationship between parents and children at this age.

There are many ways to get a childdo your homework without tears and hysterics. It is enough just to gain strength and patience. After all, school time is a rather difficult time, especially for first-graders.

As an incentive can be a trip to the circus, a cinema, a game center. It is desirable that this time the parents spend with the children. In this way they will make contact even more.

Many parents ask a question to psychologists: "How to make the child do the lessons on his own?" Using methods of motivation. But monetary bonuses are unacceptable. After all, in the future, children for all their good deeds and achievements will require rustling bills.

Algorithm for the homework

School time is a rather difficult time for childrenand their parents. The child is required to be independent, more responsible, responsible for their actions. Often schoolchildren (especially the first-graders) refuse to do the lessons, or do it with great reluctance. This causes conflict. Often, parents can hear the phrase: "How to teach a child to do lessons on their own?" To the process was "as if it was oil" and did not cause any special difficulties, it is necessary to know and follow the following rules:

  1. After the child came from school, do not immediately force him to sit down for the lessons. The following scheme will be optimal: walk in the air, lunch, rest up to 30 minutes.

  2. The best time for doing homework is from 3 to 6 pm. This is proven by specialists. In these watches, the highest brain efficiency is seen.

  3. Observe the regime. Try to perform tasks at the same time.

  4. Try to immediately choose complex objects, and then move on to easier ones.

  5. Do not constantly monitor the child. Accustom it to independence. To begin with, let him execute the work in the draft, bring it to the test, and then transfer the data to the cleanroom.

  6. After the child is finished with the homework, do not forget to praise him.

So that you do not have a question, how to make the child's lessons, follow the above rules and recommendations.

 how to teach a child to do homework

A whip or a carrot?

Psychologists very often face situations,When a child closes in himself, ceases to perceive his parents, he seems to be moving away from the outside world, and calmness finds in computer games. Why is this happening? All the fault - the wrong behavior of adults, which are approved at the expense of children.

Many are confident that the best way to getthe child has something to do - show your advantage. This can be achieved with the help of screaming or assault. This position is incorrect. Affectionate treatment of children, encouragement, praise - that's the key to success. The same applies to homework.

Often you can hear the phrase that the child refuses to do homework. Perhaps the reason lies in the fact that parents misbehave themselves with school children. It is important to adhere to the following rules:

  1. When checking a homework neverraise your voice, do not call and humiliate children. To begin with, praise your baby for making lessons. And only then begin to point out mistakes, if they were allowed.

  2. Assessments are a "sick" topic for many parents. After all, you certainly want your child to be the best. And how unpleasant it is sometimes to hear the phrase that the child did not cope with the task and received an unsatisfactory evaluation. Try to talk quietly with the schoolboy, explain that the key to success in the future is the knowledge gained.

In order to answer the question of how to do itlessons with a child without screams, you need to remember the following: every person is a person, with his character, do not break it. Humiliation, crying, offensive words only aggravate the situation, and parents will lose their dignity in the eyes of the child.

The basic rules that parents need to remember

There are simple recommendations that psychologists advise, considering the question of how to teach a child to do homework:

  1. Do not make it a game.

  2. Before you start your homework, give your child some rest. He must be cheerful and fresh, otherwise knowledge will not be assimilated.

  3. Teach your child to independence from the first class.

  4. Make a schedule for the lessons. Do this with the children, they must be the direct participants in the process.

  5. Encourage the children.

  6. Do not forget about the punishment in the form of deprivationcomputer games, watching TV. Walking in the open air can not be prohibited, the student should be distracted from school. The street is the most suitable place for this.

  7. Never raise your voice due to poor ratings.

  8. If the child does not cope, try to find the reason. It is impossible to do it yourself, contact the professionals.

  9. Have endurance and patience.

  10. The use of physical force is unacceptable.

  11. Explain to the child that it is very fashionable to study well in the modern world. Education is the guarantee of prestigious work in the future.

    how to teach a child to do homework

Many parents ask: "If a child does not teach lessons, what should I do?" First, we need to find out the reason why this happens. Perhaps it is banal - a misunderstanding of the subject. If so, you need to help the child and hire a tutor.