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Description and reviews - diapers Molfix

With the birth of a baby, modern parents are askedthe question of choosing diapers. Each family focuses on their needs (donning it to the child around the clock or just overnight) and on financial opportunities.

Not all can buy productsadvertised brands, so young moms and dads are looking for reviews about this product. Nappies Molfix loved parents for their comfort, quality and low cost.

Practical and economical

With the advent of modern diapers, many momscan devote more time to the child, and not spend it on endless washing of soiled diapers. Previously, women could only dream of such a wonderful thing: you do not have to get up at night to dress up your baby, you can not hurry home for a walk. In general, it is very convenient and indispensable attribute for the baby, which deserved excellent reviews.

reviews diapers molfix

Molfix diapers in our country have become quite common. Being a commodity of economy class, they are in great demand.

The basis of "Molfixes" is a good absorbent layer,absorbing the liquid, which turns it into a gel-like mass. The material of the diapers is very soft, it fits well to the baby's body, does not rub the skin and does not squeeze the tummy. Due to such subtlety and convenience, they are practically not visible under the child's sliders.

As you know, such diapers do not erase, they are discarded as they fill, which is very convenient. A young mother is free from unnecessary worries. Why do many people prefer Molfix diapers?


Than so bribe "Molfixes" of buyers?First, of course, the budget value. For a pack of 90 pieces you will give a little more than a thousand rubles! Very attractive price, especially if the product is also quality.

Molfix - diapers, reviews about which are quite good, can be attributed to the budget option. But this does not mean that manufacturers have saved on materials.

The fine texture of "Molfixes" ensures the lightness and comfort of the baby. Rubbers, located around the baby's legs, reliably protect from leaks.

The kid feels very comfortable, and beautiful drawings pleasantly please the eyes of parents, causing rave reviews.

Nappies Molfix Newborn

diapers molfix newborn

The very first diapers that young mummyput on her baby, she will see in the hospital. Special tiny ones are designed for infants weighing between two and five kg. This species is thinner and softer than others. The so-called unit (the smallest size) is designed taking into account the tender skin of the newborn, instantly absorbs the liquid.

Thanks to a good absorption, the baby does not have any diaper rash. And if you use a good cream or powder, then the baby's skin will not be any irritation.

Molfix - diapers (reviews of young mothers and dads this confirm) of the budget series. This is a good quality product that meets all standards.

The Newborn bundle consists of 44 pieces. Its cost will cost you about five hundred rubles, which can not but rejoice. Saving is obvious.

Molfix mini

diapers molfix

All diapers have a certain dimensionalline, which depends on the weight of the baby. However, not all children are born tiny. Newborn babies weighing more than 5 kg the size of "one" does not fit. Joyful daddies begin to look for sizes and reviews. Molfix diapers for these kids offer a "deuce". They are designed for children from three to six kg. The touch is rather thin and yet elastic. Strong velcro fasten the diaper securely, providing excellent protection for the baby.

Due to the fact that "Molfiksy" tested by German dermatologists, children are very rarely allergic to this product.

Molfix midi

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Your baby is already grown up, and he needs diapersbigger size. "Molfiks" number three is suitable for children from 4 to 9 kg. Do not be surprised at such a large spread in weight: they are perfectly regulated, so they will suit both kids and older children. In addition, it all depends on the individual composition of the child. If the toddler is large, then in order to avoid friction it is worth to purchase the size of midi.

Molfix diapers allow the skin to breathe, contrary to the opinion of some moms. The soft inner layer gently adjoins the skin of the baby, and the side edges do not allow the child to wake up wet.

Molfix junior

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Many children, even after crossing a two-year boundary,do not want to make friends with the pot. If the mother can control the process of teaching to the toilet during the day, then at night neither the child nor the parents are able to observe. Some mothers use the method of planting: they wake up at night, wake the child, force him to turn things into a precious pot and go back to sleep. But not every kid can now fall asleep sweetly, and some even protest. After all, the child is no longer a baby, and it is more difficult to persuade him to sleep. And again, Molfix diapers come to help, consumer reviews about which are often positive.

Calculated for a child from 11 to 25 kg, they will protect your sleep and get rid of unnecessary puddles on the floor. Now the accustoming to the pot will pass calmly and painlessly.


The firm "Molfiks", known for its productionquality diapers of economy class, has already taken its place in the Russian market. A lot of young parents managed to fall in love with this brand for quality, availability on the shelves of shops and inexpensive cost. A variety of sizes will help you choose the most comfortable diapers for your baby from the first day of his life.

Thin and soft, they received good reviews. Molfix diapers are an excellent alternative to expensive advertised brands, not inferior in quality, but at the same time they save your budget.