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Mysteries about the summer - find out what it is

Riddles are one of the best elements of folklore!Tricky questions are useful for the development of savvy and ingenuity. This genre is loved by everyone, without exception, both small and adults. Mysteries about the summer, about animals, about nature and everything that surrounds us, is exciting and fun. After all, it is so interesting to break your head over a difficult task, to include logic and intelligence. And when you name the correct answer, you can feel like a winner.

Sun, fruit and water

In our country riddles take an honorable placeamong genres of folklore. Our ancestors thought up various questions with a dirty trick and enjoyed themselves with all their heart. No feast could not do without such entertainment, and for the right answer you could get a candy or a cake! This tradition has not evaporated, at weddings, children's parties, jubilees, the presidents are puzzling about riddles about summer, winter, family, children, nature, and everything in the world. Happy guests receive prizes for correct answers and are proud of their sharpness! During the holidays, the following options usually sound:

riddles about summer

  • The sun heats, the cherry ripens, when it happens?
  • There is a painter walking in the sky without brushes, in the golden color it paints the skin of people, at what time of year does the skin "ripen" and it's hot so?
  • The flowers blossomed everywhere, the birds again flinched, the heat and stuffiness around, what for the time of the year, friend?
  • Rada adults and children that the street is warm! You can swim in the river, eat ice cream. What is this time of year when the weather is hot?
  • The children shout "Hurray!", The joy of the whole court, what happiness is this? It was ...!

Blooming Flowerbed

The hottest season favorite for everyoneset of colors. Red, yellow, purple, pink, like carefree butterflies placed flowers on the flowerbed. No man will pass by such beauty. But do everyone know their names? Interesting riddles about the summer with answers to the theme of the flora will appeal to both children and adults!

riddles about the summer with answers

  • The bright yellow heads were placed in the field deftly. Beautiful boys, simple ... (dandelions).
  • Yellow and white shirt, very beautiful slender, in every yard she lives, herself ... (chamomile) calls.
  • There are violet ears on the edge, they can not even touch the jackdaw, because that's ... (violet).
  • A fragrant, slender, white, head hung down, like an offended toddler (lily of the valley).

Such riddles will bring memories of summer incold winter evening. Present the flower that they immediately recognized as a gift to the guesses. Let it be even artificial, the impression of it will not spoil. After all, riddles about the summer are pleasant to guess in any season. Just remember the warm sun, a gentle breeze and the scent of flowers!

92 days

Every month of the summer has its own charm.In June we enjoy the awakened nature, July pleases with heat and warm water, in August we eat delicious ripe fruit. Each month is good in its own way.

  1. Everything blooms and smells, there is still no heat, and the streets of the city are full of children! Happy faces, in ice cream cheeks, do not need to learn the lines at school. Summer is just beginning, how is it called?
  2. The sun bites, all people are tormented by the heat. What month is this in the middle of summer? What is it called? Everyone likes this time!
  3. Fruit, warm water, children rested. We must prepare ourselves for the school, we will soon be building on the line! Summer quickly swept through, but everyone managed to rest. Berries ripen on bushes, this summer is the third brother!
    riddle about summer for children

Mysteries about the months of summer are not so easy to guess, you will have to think carefully before giving an answer.

Coming soon to school

When the summer comes to an end, there is littlesad. But the hot days of August are pleased with the opportunity to go to the seaside and dispel a bad mood. In September, after coming to school, the teacher asks the topic for the essay about how the children spent the summer. You can arrange a marathon of riddles, guys like this idea. Instead of points, you can get the first assessment for the correct answer.

Mysteries about the summer for school children should be with a catchy, so that they were not easy to guess.

  • At this time, everything is growing, the garden is ripe. Just right in the river to swim, plenty of sand on the wall.
  • This is a wonderful time! Everyone on the street it's time! Have fun and play, eat fruit, sunbathe!
  • Warm water from heaven pours on us like a curtain! The whole nation rejoices! Sprinkle the garden (summer rain).
  • Old people and little ones from the grass are barely visible, they all put on their hats and squatted on their haunches. You are looking for them and you will not find them or pick up the basket (mushrooms).

The last riddle about the summer is for young children.

puzzles about the months of summer

Mother nature

The theme of nature is always relevant.Poems, stories, novels about the world of flora work well on the human psyche, give peace and tranquility. Riddles are no exception. The sun, rain, flowers, a rainbow, a thunderstorm - even the smallest know these phenomena of nature. Therefore, guessing such riddles about the summer will be very simple!

  • Crystal beads on green grass. They can be seen only in the morning at dawn (dew).
  • As the most delicate flower in the world, like a huge moth, wings gracefully, like her name, who will say? (Butterfly).
  • A beautiful arc after the rain is visible (rainbow).
  • Under the window flowers grow, everywhere ants scurry. The room is full of heat and light! What is this? This summer).

Well come to the quizzes of the riddle about the summer withanswers. Make a list of the most impressive, and let the company tighten their brains. This is useful for everyone, because you need to do exercises not only physical, but also mental.

riddle about summer for schoolchildren


Try to entertain your family after dinner with folklore in the form of riddles. The evening will fly by unnoticed and very soulful. The smallest prepare light questions, but adults can and torment.

An interesting riddle about summer for schoolchildren:

  • It will stop above the gardens, the garden will be full of fruits. What a miracle these drops? And do children grow from them? (Rain).

Arrange a real brainstorm, it will benefit even geniuses!