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Bull root - the best gift to your pet

When we plan to have a dog, before usthere are several problems, without deciding which, both we and our pet will experience some discomfort. So, problems with pet nutrition can become if not fatal, then critical. Therefore, it is worthwhile to approach thoroughly the issue of its food supply.

For everyone in free access there are wholelibraries dedicated to the topic of feeding dogs. There you can find any information you are interested in - both general and specific breed and age. But our article is devoted not so much to food, as to so-called toy-pogryzushkam.

Why do we need such toys

good dog treat

As is well known, at an early agemammals are teething. And dogs are no exception. To help the puppy cope with the pain and itching and facilitate the growth of teeth, its owners can buy a rubber toy for the kid. But it may happen that the puppy will not like it or will become unusable too quickly. What to do in this case? Dried by-products will come to the rescue.

We all know perfectly well what a moss is and whatit should be given to dogs for teeth. Many masters do so. But it is worth noting that this bone, and the dog can swallow a sharp piece or injure their gums. Let's just say it's "cheap and angry," but it's not the best way out of the situation. The fact is that other subproducts, for example veins and tendons, can be used for such purposes. True, they are too fragile and literally "melt in the mouth," then the bull root comes to our aid.

The most delicious subproduct

If you omit the anatomical details, it is worthnote that this product is not of plant origin. It's unclear why, but dogs are showing a maniacal passion for this dried meat. Therefore, it is worthwhile to ensure that the animals get enough of the named delicacy - for them the bull root is similar to mother's patties. How much joy and inexpressible pleasure will appear in the eyes of your pet, when you give him this yummy!

What is useful for a subproduct to dogs

bovine dainty

It is worth starting with the fact that the bull root for dogs - it is not only a delicious treat, but also valuablesupplement to the basic ration. This byproduct gives the animal a wide range of amino acids and other nutrients that go to strengthen the ligaments, muscles and tendons. It helps the dog during the change of milk teeth and in cleaning them from food stains, as trying to chew a delicacy, your pet will certainly experience certain difficulties and will strain his jaws to taste it. In addition to all this, the dried bovine root improves digestion. For those who are interested there is also a table of its nutritional value.

Nutritional information per 100 g
Caloric value234 CCAL
Protein content22 grams
Fat content60 grams
Carbohydrate content14 grams

Where you can find a treat

bull root for dogs

You've found out what a bull root is, but where is it?take it? The simplest solution to this issue is to go to the nearest pet store. Practically in any such outlet you can find the delicacy you are interested in. At the same time, there are other options. So, you can try your luck and order a dog delicacy - a bull root - in the online store. And you can go to a large meat market and look there, and if there are friends in the village, then ask them.

How it looks like

bovine root

Returning to the topic of finished semi-finished products, you canNote that the bovine root is usually packaged in packages of different sizes and sizes. Naturally, everything is done on the basis of what kind of dog will be bought a delicacy and how much its owner is ready to spend with it.

In ordinary pet stores you can find packageson 4 pieces in length up to 25-30 sm. On the Internet you can meet on sale a barrel on 100 "roots". As a rule, manufacturers pack them in vacuum bags with a strap-fastener. This package is always convenient to carry. And if your pet could not master his portion at once, it can be postponed until better times.

The only thing you should consider is that the bull root has a specific odor. Weak, but it is present.

Ways of procurement

bovine root

If you look closely at the bull's root,then you can understand that it is dehydrated. The process of dehydration itself involves the removal of moisture from a product. This is achieved in many ways, both in terms of technology and other indicators.

The most common and easiest wayDrying of meat is the usual drying under favorable conditions. Such for this process are: high temperature, dryness of outside air and good ventilation. This method is good for home production in the open air, and for industrial, when the meat is dried in special "cabinets."

Just remember that this process has a lotnuances, especially when drying under the open sky. As we have already said, the bovine root is dried, which means that it can be soaked if necessary. Therefore, you can soak a treat in warm water and after a while get up to one meter of fresh beef meat. An interesting fact is that in the process of drying, the bulbar root decreases in volume by almost 5 times.

Feed your pets deliciously

dried bovine root

So you found out what a treat isfor dogs a bull root. If you have not tried to give it to your pet, try it. We are sure that the pet will appreciate your care and attention to its problems. Especially this kind of attention is important for those who are just beginning to be cut teeth and there is an irresistible desire to gnaw some food (for example, your favorite home shoes or dress shoes). But about the old men, too, do not forget, as they will like such a treat.