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Nomos - hours out of time

A modern mobile phone can replace a bunchnecessary things, including the usual wristwatch. But it is difficult to create a presentable appearance and a corresponding business image without a stylish accessory, for example, the company Nomos. The watch on the hand emphasizes the status and financial capabilities of their owner.


After the division in 1945 of Germany into the FRG andGDR small settlement Glashütte froze for many decades. Only in 1990, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, he got a chance to become a prosperous town.

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One of the first entrepreneurs was RolandSchwertner. He opened a small production of mechanical watches. The choice was not accidental. Saxon town since the middle of the nineteenth century was famous for its quality, luxurious pocket watches. There were several old sonorous brands, of which Schwertner chose Nomos. The watch manufacturer advertises on its own. For this purpose, a special advertising department was created at the firm.


Against the background of numerous hours of unthinkable forms,sizes, with numerous functions, with expensive inlays, the company's products stand out favorably. Sophistication, subtle minimalism, German accuracy - so you can characterize the mechanisms of the company Nomos. Hours (consumer reviews in this regard are unanimous) are very reliable. The design is simple - two hands, a round or rectangular almost flat body, large numbers. The company does not produce female models, but the beautiful half of humanity chooses elegant, perfectly fitting watches.

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Several features of Nomos products:

• Hours (all, without exception) calmly survive diving into the water to a depth of 30 meters. Special sports model Tangente Sport - up to 100.

• The original decision of the company's specialists was to make a back cover made of sapphire glass. You can fully enjoy the impeccable course of the watch and appreciate the jewelry work of the masters.

• For the manufacture of straps, a special exclusive grade of Shell Cordovan leather is used. This is horse skin with animal croup. It has strength and flexibility, in addition, it is waterproof.

• Today in the company's production facilitiesmake almost 95% of the parts for assembling the watch. From the suppliers come: springs of the winding drum, shockproof protection, balance spirals and ruby ​​stones.

• Mechanisms with the designation "S" can inhibit the progress of the second hand. This allows you to more accurately set the current time.

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Businessmen, people of art, sportsmen, ordinaryYoung people who want to emphasize their status, choose Nomos. The world famous brand watches harmoniously combine modern technologies and fidelity to the traditions of German watchmakers.

Popular model

A total of two hundred workers in the factory for a yearabout 20 thousand items, divided into 11 families. The most popular line is TANGENTE, it is represented by 15 different models. This is not surprising - it was the first. There are steel and gold-plated, sports and festive. All designed by engineers and designers of Nomos. Watch TANGENTE DATUM 2003 in a steel case and have a transparent sapphire bottom.

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Manual polishing of the case, careful assembly,reliable mechanisms, improvement of models (there were hours with the definition of the date), fidelity to classical forms and minimalism allows the products of the TANGENTE line to remain among the most popular.


Branded products cost a lot of money.Even well-off people can not always afford to buy the original. To help come the so-called replicas - an exact copy of the chronometers of the world's most famous brands. Nomos was no exception. The watch (the replica is approved and allowed for production by the company itself) has its own characteristics:

• Absolutely identical to the original;

• are durable;

• unpretentious in operation;

• correspond to the design, proportions, hardware, logo layout;

• have high accuracy of stroke.

A specialist will immediately distinguish a cheap copy fromquality replica. It is not only outwardly similar to the original. Careful assembly of analog mechanisms, in terms of quality, not inferior to the original ones, compliance with technological processes and attentiveness to the smallest detail - this is how it is created. It is almost impossible to distinguish a qualitative replica from the original. This is an ideal option for creating the image of a successful person without serious damage to your budget.