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Alkaline batteries - true friends in everyday life

As a rule, when buying new batteries, we askseller the only question: "Do they keep it long?" Although most often do without it, but just buy the first ones. However, the battery battery is different. Different types of these compact energy sources have different characteristics, their advantages and disadvantages. Separately, I want to talk about such a human invention, as alkaline batteries.

They are alkaline. The closest to them are alkali-manganese, and also manganese-zinc carriers of energy.

First, let's look at the main advantages of this type of battery. Among them it is necessary to allocate such:

  • alkaline batteries
    low cost;
  • in conditions of high current and low temperatures, they show themselves much better than Heavy Duty or LeClanche (batteries in which other types of electrolytes are used);
  • are distributed almost everywhere, they are produced in large quantities;
  • retain the value of the impedance when discharged.

Of course, there are also disadvantages: a high content of mercury and a falling charge curve. However, with proper operation, these shortcomings do not play a decisive role.

alkaline batteries

Use of alkaline electrolyte in suchbatteries opens up prospects for a significant increase in electrical capacity (for example, for AA and AAA batteries, it doubles). The life of an alkaline battery depends on how often you use the device where it is installed, and on how much energy is needed for normal operation. However, with small and unstable loads alkaline battery can last up to seven (!) Years. That is, the lifetime of batteries of this type is also significantly higher than that of other disposable items.

Alkaline batteries largely benefit frombackground of mercury and lithium options that are no less popular today. The situation with mercury batteries becomes clear already by their very name. As you know, mercury is very dangerous for the human body. In inaccurate handling, such batteries can cause a lot of problems to the user. As for lithium, they are certainly much safer than mercury. But there are disadvantages here too: for a few advantages one has to pay an unreasonably high price. Constantly buying lithium batteries - the pleasure is not cheap. That is why for the solution of household tasks, it is most often used alkaline.

alkaline battery

Alkaline batteries can have different sizes, and you can easily find exactly what you need. There are several basic sizes of batteries:

  • AA (standard "finger");
  • AAA ("mizinchikovaya");
  • C ("barrel");
  • D ("barrel").

Also on sale you can find alkaline batteries of non-standard forms, for example push-button ones.

When choosing, preference is given, naturally, to well-known manufacturers, whose products are well known in the market and enjoy the trust of buyers for many years.