/ / Washing powders for different types of laundry. How to choose the safest

Washing powders for different types of laundry. How to choose the safest

When choosing a powder, we are most often guided byinstruction, where it is indicated, for what things it is suitable. We still have a very important price and way of washing (in the car or manually). However, detergent powders contain chemicals that can be harmful to health. This is an important criterion for choosing any detergent.

Washing powders

Correctly read the label

First about the composition.Virtually any gel, dishwashing liquid and, of course, powder contain in its composition more often surfactants, they are labeled on the label as surfactants. There are also polymers, enzymes (catalysts for cold water, t <40 deg), which improve the quality of washing. Phosphates soften water, do not give rise to flying on the spirals of machines. They are dangerous for the environment and for people. Chemical compounds of different metals and phosphoric acid can cause allergy not only to the hands, but also to the respiratory tract. They poison the water. In Europe, all detergents containing phosphates have long since been phased out.

The term "safe detergent powders"

In the means for washing the new generation of phosphatesreplaced with zeolites that soften, absorb water and are completely harmless. In addition, besfosfatnye washing powders have other useful functions.

  • They dissolve well in water, so the laundry is thoroughly rinsed, there are no small insoluble particles left in it.
  • The strength of the fabric is preserved after repeated use in the machines.
  • Do not change the initial appearance and color of the thing.

Means of this type are quite expensive, but they need to be filled in the car less, and the quality of washing is very high. We do not appreciate our health and our children's money.

Other parameters of powders

Safe washing washers

Most handwash formulations give a lotfoam, they are not recommended for use in the machine. Here are suitable means that contain defoamers. Also available are universal liquid and in tablets for any wash. Powders with bleach are better not to be combined with gels for color linen. In them, you can not wash the painted things - the fabric will fade. Oxygen granules for color help to gently wash and do not damage the bright colors of the laundry. However, white, heavily soiled sheets with a powder of this purpose do not wash. Synthetic things and linen from natural fabrics are processed differently.

Thorough examination of the effect on the body

Powders for children's things are well tested,so the things of babies, especially babies, are best washed with a special compound. Such washing means are anti-allergenic, do not harm health. Instead of PVA - a common soap, there is an optical bleach, and not chlorine. Children's products do not contain synthetic flavors. Suitable for washing both in automatic machines and manual. Extra plus: things are easy to iron after washing.

Besphosphate washing powders

A warning

What can happen if the washing powdersubstandard? Redness of the skin of the hands, in neglected cases, itching and rashes on other parts of the body. There may even be swelling. If safety precautions are not taken, fine particles of chemical dust get into the bronchi by inhalation. There is an allergic rhinitis and cough. In such situations it is impossible to tolerate spasm of bronchial vessels.

It is better to use safe high quality washing powders of known brands than to heal from the consequences.