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At what age can a child be given pork? What you can cook a child from pork

Adult people have the right to decide whether to eat meat or not. Parents do this for their children. And even vegetarians should understand that this is a very valuable and necessary product for every child.

Why meat is necessary for kids

The protein contained therein is for cells andtissues of a growing body with building material. There are necessary amino acids and macronutrients in it. As a source of iron, this product protects children from anemia.

at what age can a child be given pork
Unreasonable refusal of meat products atfeeding a baby can cause developmental disorders. Meat contains substances that have a beneficial effect on the brain of the baby, contribute to its growth. There are even known cases when, in refusing meat dishes, children underwent a serious underdevelopment of the brain and even progressive dementia. Therefore, to think that everything that is required by a growing organism can be taken only from vegetables, cereals, while neglecting meat, is a big mistake.

Is not pork scary harmful?

Meat is usually given from a very early age.Begin to do it in 7-8 months with low-fat varieties - beef, poultry, rabbit. And what about the pork meat you love? It is not only very tasty, but also one of the main sources of high-grade proteins, as well as vitamins B12, D, phosphorus, iron, potassium, calcium, sulfur, iodine, magnesium, manganese. But at the same time, some caring parents believe that, since there are many histamine in pork, it can cause allergy in children. In part, they are right, but these fears are justified only for fatty varieties.
Is it possible for children to eat pork? Is this type of meat harmful to a child's body? Or is this product, on the contrary, necessary for the child's body to grow?
Doctors unequivocally believe that it is not worth to give up this kind of meat in baby food. And at what age can a child give pork?

At what age does the baby begin to give meat?

According to doctors, by the age of eight months the bodythe baby is fully ready to digest properly cooked meat products. Because at this age, nutritionists are not only allowed, but also persistently recommend to children crushed meat puree in combination with vegetables, to which the kids are already accustomed. After all, parents had time to prepare a children's stomach with complementary foods (new dishes should be introduced into the baby's nutrition from six months).

The question of how old a child can begive pork, for children who have signs of rickets or reduced hemoglobin, is decided somewhat differently - this kind of meat they need to give even earlier! There are a number of medical indications, under which it is recommended to start the meat lure from the age of six months.

To begin to acquaint the child with meat it is necessary from one teaspoon of the mashed potatoes prepared from it.

cutlets of pork
And then give regularly, bringing to a one-year age a daily rate of meat products, including pork, up to 100 grams.

If the baby is allergic to the containedin meat protein, they need to temporarily stop feeding. And at what age can a child give pork again? Try it next time is recommended not earlier than months from ten.

Grind - do not grind?

The first meat dish for a child, as a rule,is a mashed potatoes. Do it like this: cook a small piece of low-fat pork for a couple, and then grind it with a blender. You can use for this and an ordinary meat grinder. To get the resulting mashed potatoes, add a small piece of butter to it.

Thoroughly grind the meat for crumbs only needin the beginning, in fact in due course it is necessary to start to learn to chew. At what age can a child be given pork that is not twisted in a meat grinder and not passed through a blender?
In the form of puree, mixed with choppedvegetables, meat should be given up to 9 months. But only the baby will cut the teeth in sufficient quantity, he will be able to cope with the soft tender meat, sliced ​​in small slices. This usually happens when the baby turns a year old. That's when a child can give pork pieces.

How to cook a pork baby correctly?

For the preparation of children's dishes is not recommended to buy frozen meat, because you can not be sure of its quality. Suitable only paired or chilled.

can pork be eaten
But with your own meat prepared from fresh meat forcemeat can be frozen for future use.

Meat products for children must passheat treatment. This is important both for safety and for better mastering them. But with a strong heating, the structure and properties of the meat change significantly. In order to preserve the elements necessary for the child's body as much as possible in the dishes, it is necessary to prepare the product correctly.

It is necessary, for example, to take into account that when cooking meat inthe broth passes a significant part of the protein - up to 50 percent! To save it, lay this product in boiling water and cook over a small fire. And it's best to cook pork for a couple. So in it vitamins and minerals will be preserved.

Salt the meat, which is prepared for the baby, notrecommended. At least a year. When the baby grows up, meat dishes for it can be slightly salted, but it is better not to do it. If you really want meat to taste better, you can add onions when cooking. After he gives pork a special characteristic flavor, the vegetable can be thrown away. Appetite will also give crushed fresh herbs.

The menu for crumbs

The child's attitude to food, his tastepreferences are laid at a very early age. And parents should already from the first months of the baby's life take care of properly formed taste. Many mothers are worried about the question of what to prepare a child from pork at such a tender age. After all, I want so much that the menu for a little man was delicious and varied!

After the first puree meat menu can be varied with meatballs and cutlets, prepared according to special children's recipes.

what to cook a child out of pork
After all, it's on them that kids practice chewing skills.

First cutlets

Pork cutlets for children are usually given inage from one year to one and a half years, when the baby already has teeth. Before they are cooked, the meat is washed, dried with a napkin, cut into small pieces and scrolled twice through a meat grinder. The crumb of bread (from the premium flour) without a crust is soaked in milk and added to ground meat. Its quantity should not be more than a fourth of the cutlet mass. Add eggs, a little salt and spices.

Stuff the standard shape and put it on a steamed or stew in the sauce. Pork cutlets for children from 2 years can already be lightly fried, but after that you still need to put them out.

Appetizing meat balls

What can you prepare a baby from pork yet?With great pleasure, children also eat meatballs. Small, the size of a nut, meat balls, cooked in broth, like kids, not only with taste, but also with a beautiful shape, and also in size - they fit easily in the children's mouth. For their preparation in minced meat, you need to add a twisted on a meat grinder or finely chopped onion and spices.

Of meat rolled into small balls of minced meat and make. Their difference from meatballs is that the composition includes rice. Thanks to this combination, proteins are absorbed by children better.

when a child can pork
For children under 2 years there is a special recipemeatballs. About 100 grams of minced pork should be scrolled with 2 tablespoons of a vegetable mixture of carrots, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes and zucchini (can be in a blender), add a quarter of eggs, a teaspoon of flour, a little salt.
pork child 1 5 years old
Stir the mixture and form smallballoons. Lay the meatballs in a frying pan, pour them with water for one third, stew for 10 minutes. After adding the sauce to put out until cooked under the lid. In this form, pork to a child (1,5 years) will certainly enjoy it, it can be given boldly.

And fat is possible?

Another favorite product is bacon. Can I give it to the kid? Argument "against" - if lard bought in a store or market, where is the guarantee that the baby will not become infected with any parasites? Such a product without preliminary heat treatment can not be given to children categorically! A heated lard in a very small amount can be added to a dish, for example, in a baby vegetable stew.
Arguments "for" - the caloric content of pork fatless than beef. In addition, it includes such amino acids, which are not found in any other fats. And they are much more easily absorbed by the body. Pork fat is considered one of the most environmentally friendly products. Therefore, if you give the baby a little snack, it will not do any harm.

what can you cook a child from pork

So, do not deny yourself the pleasureFeed the crumbs with pork. If he is healthy and there is no allergy, the first time you can offer a baby meat sauce at the age of 8 months. And in a year and a half in the children's menu are added meatballs, cutlets and meatballs. You can also give soft and tender meat to a child without crushing. It is not a sin for a baby to suck and a piece of quality home fat.