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Interactive toy pony will delight the child

Now more and more parents are thinking aboutacquiring for their kids quality, cognitive and good toys. Everyone was bored by horrific monsters, soldiers who do not know which armies, endless Barbie and her clones of Chinese production. I want to give the child a toy that will only bring positive emotions, teach the baby to love and take care of his friend.

toy pony
Undoubtedly, this problem was best handledwould be a real puppy or kitten, but, unfortunately, not all of us have housing conditions that make it possible to give such a gift to their child, besides, many understand that the main caring for animals will lie on their already loaded shoulders.

In this case, you will come to the aid of the Italianmanufacturers of toys of the firm Glochi Preziosi and their famous toy of the pony Iriska. This horse is so real that it does not leave the feeling that there is a real animal nearby. When the Toffee wants to eat, she opens her eyes and raises her head, asking her little owner to feed her. She can give her favorite carrot, which, incidentally, is included. With pleasure enjoying a carrot, the pony will want to thank the owner and embrace. Such hugs will make your baby and Toffee better friends.

Toffee Toffee is a gentle and veryImpressive, she may get scared when she hears a loud sound, then she will have to be reassured. She really likes it when her mane is combed with a special comb, which is also included in the kit. If the interactive pony plays too much during the day, it can get tired - take it in your arms, and it will fall asleep, while slowly snuffling.

interactive pony

Interactive pony Fur Real Friends Hasbro isgorgeous soft toy. It is impossible not to fall in love with it. The toy is very pleasant to the touch, it is equipped with many different sensory sensors that allow the horse to react to the child's touch and respond to it like a real live four-legged friend. A toy pony needs real care and love. It must be fed with a delicious carrot and combed the fur. Be sure, the baby will be happy, and his favorite pony.

Interactive toy pony Spot can becomefavorite toy and a true friend of your baby. It has sensory sensors, thanks to which it reacts very sensitively to various touches of the child.

interactive pony
A toy pony moves its head, ears, eyes,breathes, eats a special carrot, and wag his tail cheerfully. She can even snort and snort. A child, if his weight does not exceed 36 kilograms, can sit on the back of his friend.

A toy pony will delight any child.After all, with her help you can become a dashing cowboy or a fair fairy princess, a fearless and proud Indian and a charming forest fairy, an eternally wandering traveler and a magnificent Amazon. With Ponies Pony you can come up with dozens of different games. Perhaps the pony games will push your baby to practice real equestrian sport.

Interactive toys of a pony will become true friends of your children, develop responsibility in them, will do kinder, teach to care for a friend.