/ / Plan of work in the preparatory group with parents. Memo for parents. Consultation for parents in the preparatory group

Plan of work in the preparatory group with parents. Memo for parents. Consultation for parents in the preparatory group

The Concept of Preschool Education refers to thethat parents are the first educators. Psychologists have proved that caring attitude towards the baby, the atmosphere of trust, attention in the family become the basis for the normal development of the child's personality. Many believe that the education and upbringing of the preschooler is solely the responsibility of the teachers. In fact, only the joint activities of DOW and parents can produce positive results. Therefore, in pre-school institutions much attention is paid to this area of ​​pedagogical activity. Our material will help to make a plan of work in the preparatory group with parents and effectively implement it in the educational process.

plan of work in the preparatory group with parents

The purpose and tasks of working with parents in the pre-school

In our society, widespreadthe situation when adults, having given the child to a kindergarten, are completely immersed in workdays, worries, problems, giving their little attention to their child. Of course, parents try to provide the child with everything necessary, but the result is the opposite - in such conditions, the baby can not develop normally, there are violations in the formation of personality, often there are mental disorders. Therefore, the main goal of the pre-school institution in the work with the family of pupils is to form an active position of adults. This means that parents should become proactive participants in the pedagogical process. This aspect is especially important for senior pupils, so at the age of 5 years there is a turning point in the formation of personality, connected with the fact that the baby is getting ready to become a schoolboy.

It is also important to note that parents are not alwayscoping with pedagogical tasks - this is due to the lack of profile education. Therefore, there is a need to increase the competence of adults in the upbringing of children - this task should also be addressed through close cooperation between the PIU and families of pupils.

interaction with parents in the preparatory group

Work plan

To solve the tasks in preschoolestablish a directional activity. So, an important document regulating this process is the annual work plan in the preparatory group with the parents. It is drawn up on the basis of normative acts, but at the same time the actual needs of families are taken into account. The content of the plan should include different areas of activity, including:

  • information work;
  • diagnostic measures;
  • psycho-pedagogical education;
  • the popularization of family values, the importance of joint leisure.

Such a document is drawn up for the whole academic year.The graphs of the plan are not strictly regulated, but the recommended ones are: "Name of the event", "Pedagogical goals and tasks", "Timing", "Responsible performer".

prospective plan with parents in the preparatory group

Information and educational activities

Plan of work in the preparatory group withparents include activities to familiarize themselves with the conditions of children's stay in the kindergarten, the additional services offered, as well as the special services organized in the institution (for example, speech therapy, psychological). This information can be conveyed with the help of advertising booklets, information stands. In addition, an effective form of information activities in the kindergarten is a consultation for parents. In the preparatory group, the following topics can be proposed for discussion: "First steps to the first class", "The crisis of six years and ways to overcome it," "Is it time to go to school?"


In order for the interaction with parents inthe preparatory group was productive, it is necessary to determine the needs of children. In addition, it is important to identify a number of urgent problems, "urgent" issues related to the upbringing of preschool children. Solve such problems with the help of individual and group interviews, surveys.

The most accessible and widespread formDiagnostics are questionnaires for parents. In the preparatory group, you can offer such topics as "The need to study reading and writing at the stage of visiting the kindergarten," "Child's state of health," "Quenching procedures: pros and cons," and others.

Pedagogical education of parents

Increasing the competence of parents in mattersdevelopment and upbringing of children is one of the most important tasks of interaction between the DOW and the family. In the preschool institution, various forms of activity are organized in this direction. So, the prospective plan with the parents in the preparatory group includes:

  • parental meetings;
  • consultations;
  • psychological and pedagogical trainings;
  • design of thematic corners, stands;
  • joint mass events.

questionnaires for parents in the preparatory group

Parent meetings

An effective and productive form of work in the POCis a meeting of parents. In the preparatory (groups of secondary and junior also can participate as listeners) the age category of pupils, the subjects of such events can be the following: "The regime of the day of the future first-grader", "Playing in the life of the senior preschooler", "Sport and tempering as the prevention of infectious diseases."

With the help of such a form of work as the parentmeeting, it is possible to solve various pedagogical tasks, in particular, to inform on the conditions of children's stay in the pre-school, to conduct questionnaires, to determine during the conversation the actual needs of children, to raise the level of adult competence in matters of upbringing.

During the holding of this form of activity, the minutes of the meeting are kept, which displays the issues discussed, decisions taken, practical measures and other.


Equally effective for solving pedagogicaltasks, the form of activity in the DOW is consultation for parents. In the preparatory group, it is held as planned, and in the event of any problematic situations. Such work can be carried out both in the form of a collective meeting, and individually.

Corners and stands for parents

Another method of educatingparents are the production of special stands, thanks to which, bringing the kids to kindergarten, adults have the opportunity to get acquainted with the current information. How to arrange a corner for parents in the preparatory group? The most convenient option is to purchase a ready-made stand with the available "pockets" for information. Its advantages are that it is aesthetically designed and practical. The following information should be posted on the stand for parents, regularly updating:

  • psychological and pedagogical age features of children 5-6 years;
  • daily regime;
  • Timetable of classes;
  • menu;
  • anthropometric data of students of the group;
  • pedagogical recommendations, advice of a speech therapist and a psychologist;
  • ads.

Also in this corner you can place zonesexhibitions of children's works, a "casket of pedagogical skill", in which there can be, for example, a memo for parents on an actual topic, a folder with photos of children during their creative activity, and much more.

consultation for parents in the preparatory group

Organization of leisure activities

To form an active pedagogical position,family events are organized in a children's preschool institution. The work plan in the preparatory group with parents includes matinees, sporting events, creative collective activities.

The organization of such eventscarrying out extensive preparatory work with both pupils and their family. When implementing such joint holidays, first of all, it is important to create a warm and friendly atmosphere of interaction between teachers and parents, as well as adults and children. For this purpose, a consultation is carried out for the parents. In the preparatory group the themes of such an event can be the following: "Family values", "Support, understanding of adults as a factor of the psychological comfort of the senior preschooler".

meeting of parents in the preparatory group

Thematic reminders

A simple, accessible kind of educational workis the production of special booklets and leaflets. They can post information about upcoming events, important organizational moments. Memo for parents displays various recommendations, rules of conduct in a given situation. For example, you can offer the following topics: "The child talks badly: what to do?", "Ideas for an autumn walk", "Scientific experiments for children of 5 years."

corner for parents in the preparatory group

Plan of work in the preparatory group withparents - the main document of the preschool institution, which reflects a whole range of activities aimed at increasing the activity, initiative of adults, the organization of interaction between educators and the family of pupils, and the provision of the necessary psychological and pedagogical assistance.